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    ColorLogic Complete Color Management Solution with 1 Year SMA

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    • ColorLogic Complete Color Management

      Complete Color Management Package from ColorLogic combines best from it color management technology portfolio: ZePrA, ColorAnt and ColorPrA including basic set of Device links. This will help to solve day to day color management challenges in order to meet the high demands of the industry.

      What's in ZePrA 10?

      ZePrA 10 is a major new version of ColorLogic color server. It addresses several new features our clients have requested. These new features make ZePrA 10 a must have version for existing clients, as well as new clients.

      Push to Zebra: Adobe Photoshop extension that allows color conversions for image files from Photoshop

      Improved Spot Color Iteration Wizard: Iterate spot colors rendering much easier and faster

      New DeviceLink Iteration Wizard: Achieve the best possible color match by iterating DeviceLinks

      Improved Images and Vectors Conversion: Completely redesigned UI with additional new features for SmartLink and processing of PDF/X files

      Productivity Extensions for the Spot Color Report: Check multiple PDF and image files with all possible color configurations at once

      More specific Tone Value Corrections: Apply individual gradation curves to images and vectors

      Preserve White in Images and Vectors: Ensure preservation of 0% ink areas when printing with white ink on transparent or colored substrates

      Black Start for Spot Color Conversions: Improve the appearance of color conversions of light spot colors with a late black start

      User Interface Improvements: Dark mode for macOS and many other optimizations

      Zepra Tools

      CoPrA SP 8

      CoPrA SP 8 is designed as a user friendly control center for any profiling task. CoPrA SP 8 creates high quality ICC Printer, DeviceLink and SaveInk profiles for any color space.

      Copra * menu

      Redesigned DeviceLink Editing Module: Simplified DeviceLink Editing process based on three new editing workflows

      Speed Boost for Profile Calculation: Up to 2.2 times faster than in CoPrA 7 due to enhanced profiling technology.

      New channel combining feature for Multicolor profiling: Intelligent automatic function simplifies Multicolor profiling for industrial applications.

      Improved Image Conversion: Redesigned preview area including improved soft proof and before/after comparison area.

      Enhanced Auto Rendering for DeviceLink profiling: Improved rendering modes supporting different gamut sizes for high quality DeviceLink creation.

      Preventing the generation of black in DeviceLink separations: Preserve 0% Black function now available for additional Black Generation modes

      Enhanced RGB DeviceLink profiling options: Additional Black Calculation modes for RGB target profiles.

      UI and technical updates: Dark mode and support for macOS Catalina (10.15.x) and BigSur (11.x).

      ColorAnt 8

      ColorAnt is an easy-to-use tool that corrects an optimizes measurement data. The features include the ability to edit primary colors, substrate color and recalculate measurement data with the use of full sized test charts. ColorAnt's main panel interface allows quick access to all tools from one easyto-use location. Icons display the purpose of each function on the panel.

      View Window: New channel filters allow better combination of individual channels (available in 2D and 3D View)

      Compare Window: It is now possible to select the color distance formulas Delta-L, Delta-C, and Delta-H from the Compare Mode drop-down menu

      Intersection Tool: Extract identical color patches of two different test charts

      Supports the newest standards: Such as ISO 20654 (SCTV) or CxF/X-4

      Custom Chart: Create full CxF/X-4 wedge including black gradient. Two Idealliance charts have been added to the list of predefined charts

      Patches from Image: Allows creation of image-related test chart based on a loaded image.

      New Edit Primaries features: Linearize new channels using ISO 20654 (SCTV), Restore edits, and Search functionality

      More options in Tone Value tool: Control panels now arranged in landscape format, and Protect Lights slider now affects all three correction functions.

      Measure Mode has been added to Measurement Tool: Allows switch between Ambient Light Measurement mode and the standard Reflectance Measurement mode

      Supports Ink Master file format (MIF)

      New Preview feature in Export Chart tool

      Additions to CIE Conversion and Ambient Light Measurements

      DeviceLink Set

      ColorLogic Complete Color Management Solution comes with the Basic set of DLS and are encripted. Profiles are encrypted and work only with CoPrA and ZePrA. RGB and Gray profiles are included with all packages, Upgrades are only possible for customers with valid DLS-Manager license

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