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    ColorLogic ColorAnt 10 with 1 year SMA

    Software license fulfillment is typically within 48hrs

    Software Maintanance Agreement

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    • ColorLogic ColorAnt 10

      ColorAnt is an easy-to-use tool that corrects an optimizes measurement data. The features include the ability to edit primary colors, substrate color and recalculate measurement data with the use of full sized test charts.

      ColorAnt's main panel interface allows quick access to all tools from one easyto-use location. Icons display the purpose of each function on the panel.

      What's New in ColorAnt 10?

      InkSplitting mode in Custom Chart

      ColorAnt 9 InkSplitting

      ColorAnt 10 chart has a new "Linearization and InkSplitting" mode which creates ramps for each ink channel and two color overprints for all channel combinations. For eg: If lighter and darker inks are combined in one channel, the light ink will be used for the highlights and darker ink for the darker area.

      Find Function in View

      ColorAnt 9 Find Function in View

      View has new Find function that allows to search for IDs, names, CIE data and DCS data. It can be accessed using right click form the context menu.

      Margins Markers in Export Chart

      ColorAnt 9 Markers and Margins

      Automatiic addition of markers for Barbieri LFP and X-Rite ISIS can be done using Add auto Positioning Markers in Export Chart. User can also add custom margins for test charts.

      PSD evaluation in Proof Evaluation

      ColorAnt 9 PSD evaluation

      ProcessStandard Digital(PSD) evaluation allows to genetate reports on quality grades according to the tolerances level. The new label tab also indicates Accepted (shown in shades if Green) or Failed (shown a Red X)

      Highlights of ColorAnt

      Sofrware Maintenance Agreement


      The SMA is a paid annual plan which provides an upgrade to the latest version of the application at no additional charge to the end user.


      Anytime ColorLogic releases a major software version, all users with a current SMA are eligible to receive a new license free of charge.


      ColorLogic highly encourages the add-on of the Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) to the purchase of ColorAnt, CoPrA or ZePrA to keep all applications up to date.


      Contact a ColorLogic representative about purchasing an SMA and take advantage of receiving the latest features and tools with every release.

      Video ColorAnt 10

      ColorLogic ColorAnt Features

      Features ColorAnt M ColorAnt L
      Custom Chart Generation
      Edit Primaries
      CIE Conversion
      Correction, Smoothing, Brightener, Tone Values, Rescaling, Averaging, etc.
      MultiColor Custom Chart Generation
      Edit Primaries MultiColor Support
      Embed CxF/X-4 Data in PDF Documents


      Automatic Correction

      automatic correction

      Automatic Correction - correct and optimize measurement data automatically. It is the most used tool and is therefore placed on the top.

      Data Import/Export

      The group Data Import/Export - contains tools that beside loading existing measurement data files via the file menu allow to create measurement files.


      custom chart
      colorant custom chart

      Custom Chart - designed for creating the reference files for test chart generation. Custom Chart allows you to generate reference files for color spaces such as Gray, RGB, and CMYK. Creating multicolor charts requires a ColorAnt L license. Charts can have up to 15 channels.


      export chart
      colorant export chart

      Export Chart - allows to create test charts based on device color values, which can be stored as TIFF or PSD files to be printed on a printer.


      measure software
      colorant data report

      Measure Software - measure any test charts or media wedges via the UPPCT software tool and transmit the measurement data directly to ColorAnt. There are multiple measurement instruments supported.


      report tool

      Report Tool - generates a comprehensive analysis of your measurement data in form of a PDF or XML file. It also provides the user with corrective recommendations for such measurement


      embed cxf/x-4

      Embed CxF/X-4 - allows CxF/X-4 spectral information to be embedded in PDF documents


      save history log

      Save History Log - records every editing step, and saves all activities that have been applied to all files as a comprehensive PDF document


      The actual tools to edit your measurement files are located in the Editing group.



      Redundancies - Corrects color patches by averaging the redundant patches and replacing with the same value.



      Correction - detects faulty measurements or inconsistent measured values and replaces the data with expected measurement values.



      Smoothing - Corrects inhomogeneous measurement data and non-smooth curves by interpolating existing smoothed data.


      white correction
      colorant tone value

      White Correction Apply manual corrections to whitest color patch, typically the paper or other substrate.



      The Brightener tool- adjusts the effect of optical brightening agents (OBA) on measurement data used in papers.


      tone value

      The Tone Value tool - allows very targeted changes to the tone value increase (TVI) curves. The latest version introduces a fourth correction option, ISO 20654 (Multicolor), which only adjusts the multicolor channels to ISO 20654 and leaves the CMYK channels untouched. In addition, a Protect Lights slider has been added which helps users to leave the highlights untouched when applying G7 or ISO 20654 corrections.


      report tool
      colorant rescale

      The Rescale tool - is an optional tool for re-sorting, making random test charts readable or also for rescaling to completely different test chart layouts.


      edit primaries

      Edit Primaries - is a very comprehensive tool to edit, exchange, add or remove primaries and the paper white point in your measurement data.

      • new Adopt Secondaries feature allows user to take advantage of color overprints with other primaries, such as secondary color data


      color editor

      Color Editor - edit color patches and process color conversions of spot colors

      • edit patch names, lab values (CIE), or device color values (DCS)
      • convert and optimize a complete spot color library to a target profile for RGB, CMYK, or Multicolor

      Merging and Conversion

      The tools in the Merging and Conversion group are designed for use on multiple measurement data sets and it contains special tools for conversion.



      Averaging - average multiple test chart measurement files having the same layout and amount of patches.



      Link - merge multiple single readings of test charts to one big measurement file.


      icc transformation

      ICC Transformation - is designed to apply printer and/or DeviceLink profiles to reference data in order to conduct profile tests and comparisons.


      cie conversion

      Changes to the Observer from a standard 2 Degrees to a 10 Degrees observer and changes the Illumination from the standard D50 light source.


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