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    Techkon SpectroCheck

    • Techkon SpectroCheck

      Techkon introduces the SpectroCheck

      Whether you work in a color lab, or you're verifying color for pre-press, the SpectroDens by Techkon can greatly simplify the process and reduce costly mistakes. There's only one problem: how can you ensure your SpectroDens is measuring correctly?

      This problem has been solved by the introduction of Techkon's new product, the SpectroCheck. The SpectroCheck is an invaluable piece of hardware that allows you to relax knowing that your SpectroDens is measuring appropriately.

      TECHKON SpectroCheck is a color reference for checking the measure- ment accuracy of the color measure- ment devices SpectroDens, SpectroJet and SpectroDrive. The color data of the four colored ceramic samples on the turn-wheel are referenced to the institute BAM (Bundesanstalt für Materialprüfung). The digital color data and the applica- tion software are stored on the inte- grated USB flash memory.

      How does it work?

      Using the SpectroCheck couldn't be any easier. Connecting a Techkon SpectroDens by USB to PC running Techkon's Connect software and Techkon Spectrocheck module allows multiple SpectroDens' to be verified against a color reference. This is where the SpectroCheck comes into play. On top of the SpectroCheck, you'll find four colored ceramic tiles inlaid on a rotating disk. Simply lay your SpectroDens on top of the SpectroCheck plate by following the guides, and the Techkon Connect software will guide you through the rest.

      SpectroCheck Window

      For checking the color accuracy of a SpectroDens device the Windows software SpectroConnect is used. The software is stored on the integrated USB flash memory inside the Spectro- Check color reference. It can as well be downloaded free of charge from the download area of

      Checking the color accuracy of SpectroJet and SpectroDrive is done by using the check procedure which is integrated in the Windows software TECHKON ExPresso 3.2 (or higher).

      The Software-module “SpectroCheck” will lead step by step through the check procedure. The result window reports if the measurement device conforms with the technical specifications. The report can be printed as well.

      Why do I need it?

      The SpectroCheck is a vital tool in the printing and publishing industries. Measuring color will do no good unless you can guarantee that the measurement you're receiving is correct. Outside of sending your device back to Techkon to have it calibrated, the SpectroCheck is the next best tool for verifying the quality of your measurements. Save time and money by avoiding costly printing mistakes by verifying the measurements produced by your SpectroDens.

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