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    Color Communication

    All the hardware you need to ensure the quality of your color

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    Techkon SpectroDens Premium

    Wireless Option

    • spectrodens package

      What is included?

      • The measurement device
      • A Charger
      • Console with integrated white standard
      • AC adapter with universal plugs
      • Device case
      • USB-cable
      • CD with SpectroConnect software
      • Manual with ISO 9000 certificate and a two year warranty

      Techkon SpectroDens Premium

      Premium SpectroDens Features (include Basic And Advanced Features)

      CIE LChab, xyY, Luv, LCHuv, DIN Lab99

      The Premium-version of SpectroDens enables the display of additional color spaces, which might be used mainly in industries outside printing: CIE L*u*v*, CIE L*C*h* uv, CIE xyY and DIN Lab99.

      spectrodens iso standards
      ISO Check (Scan or Spot Measurements)

      ISO-Check compares measured density and L*a*b* color values against the ISO-12647-2 print industry standard and displays suggested density changes for more accurate and consistent color; can perform ISO checks in 3 seconds.

      Metamerism index

      Metamerism index function is the operation which measures the color distance between the two color samples under two exactly defined light sources to see if they match.

      Whiteness, Yellowness, Opacity

      SpectroDens Premium will display the whiteness index according to CIE and the yellowness index according to American standard ASTM D 1925.

      spectrodens pass fail display
      Pass-Fail Tolerance

      Simple pass-fail display can be adjusted to customer specified color reference targets or color standards such as IGCMI and Pantone.


      From a series of single measurements Average values can be calculated and displayed. This function may be used when the surface of the sample has no even distribution of color.

      Media Wedge (Scan or Spot Measurements)

      The program module Media Wedge serves the fast, colorimetric analysis of the Ugra /Fogra Media Wedge. The software evaluates the color quality printed in colorimetric terms.

      SpectroDens Model Comparison

      Measurement Modes SpectroDens Basic SpectroDens Advanced SpectroDens Premium
      Automatic Density, Gray Balance Measurement
      Densities CMYK, Spot Color Density
      Dot Gain, Dot Area, Contrast
      Ink Trapping
      Standard USB interface/ Wireless wifi communication
      Scan Single or Multiple Row Color Bars
      Printing Plate
      Slur and Doubling Value
      Expresso Mini
      Supports M0-M3 Measuring Conditions
      CIELab, DEab, XYZ, CIE LChab
      CIE Color Circle
      Gracol G7TM - GrayGuide
      Remission Curve
      Ink Check
      Scan Multiple Patch Color Bars
      On-board Memory stores up to 4,500 Colors
      dE CIELAB, dEcmc, dE94, dE2000 - Displays Visual Color Difference
      CIE LChab, xyY, Luv, LCHuv, DIN Lab99
      ISO Check
      Metamerism index
      Whiteness, Yellowness, Opacity
      Pass-Fail Tolerance
      Media Wedge

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