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    Techkon SpectroPlate


    • Techkon SpectroPlate

      What's Included

      • The measurement device SpectroPlate
      • A Charger
      • Console with integrated white standard
      • AC adapter with universal plugs
      • Device case
      • USB-cable
      • CD with SpectroConnect software
      • Manual with ISO 9000 compliant certificate
      SpectroPlate Whats in the box.

      SpectroPlate Highlights


      SpectroPlate Image


      In the age of Computer-to-Plate, quality control in pre-press is paramount for print quality. TECHKON SpectroPlate plays a crucial role in this comprehensive process control by offering precise measurements of dot transfer on offset printing plates. Departing from the limitations of using densitometers on plates, SpectroPlate employs modern microscopic image capture technology in a compact handheld device.


      SpectroPlate Features


      SpectroPlate's measurement accuracy is driven by a high-quality optical system and powerful image processing algorithms. The device uniformly illuminates the plate sample with spectral broadband light, captures microscopic images through a precision optical lens system and a CMOS color matrix sensor, and processes the color image with sophisticated algorithms. The LCD displays all relevant quality parameters for correctly manufactured printing plates.


      SpectroPlate Applications


      Versatile in use, SpectroPlate precisely reads any screen size and technology – FM, AM, or Hybrid screen. Its spectrally white illumination and dynamic color evaluation enable reading various plate types and coated surfaces. Beyond plate reading, the device excels in dot measurement on film and printed paper in CMYK print. Acting as a portable microscope, SpectroPlate reveals hidden details, allowing visual judgment of printing plates and the detection of any soiling or exposure errors.

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