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    X-Rite eXact Basic Densitometer

    eXact Aperture Size

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    • X-Rite eXact Basic Densitometer

      Just-in-Time Control for CMYK Jobs

      Looking for a simple device to measure density on press? The eXact Basic densitometer is designed specifically for CMYK jobs, enabling you to achieve and maintain accurate color throughout the run. With the eXact Basic, you can replace visual trial and error with fact-based color control for improved accuracy and consistency.

      X-Rite eXact Basic Densitometer

      X-Rite eXact Basic ROI

      Improve Productivity

      • Shortens make ready time by 10% resulting in an ROI in less than 2 months
      • Facilitates a new level of print control
        • Easy-to-use touchscreen for quick measuring
        • Intuitive set-up Wizard facilitates quicker start up, resulting in less downtime

      Ensure Color Accuracy and Consistency

      • Provides accurate density and TVI (dot gain) results
      • Generates automatic recognition of color (CMYK) and patch type (paper, solids, and tints)
      • Optimize the state-of-the-art, integrated, white tile to guard against dust and fingerprint and provide you with the most accurate calibration

      X-Rite eXact Basic In Use

      Manage Business Growth

      • Upgradeable by password to any higher-end spectrophotometer within the eXact family, making eXact a single portfolio that grows with your business needs
      • Integrates with many X-Rite solutions to ensure color consistency throughout your workflow

      X-Rite eXact Standard In Use

      Xp Offering

      All eXact models are available in Xp mode, meaning they are specifically designed to help packaging printers and converters more accurately measure color on flexible film materials and other print and packaging substrates without the need for polarized measurements (M3).

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