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    X-Rite eXact Standard Spectrophotometer

    Aperature Size
    eXact Scan Option

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    • X-Rite eXact Standard Spectrophotometer

      Setting the Standard for Color Measurement

      The eXact Standard spectrophotometer is specifically designed for printers and packaging converters to help ensure color validation of CMYK and spot-color inks and also leverages industry color standards for increased press process control.

      eXact Standard Specifications

      X-Rite eXact Standard In Use

      Streamline Jobs on Press

      • Provides all density metrics plus colorimetric/value functions resulting in better validation of color control
      • Supports all industry print standards: G7, ISO, PSO, and Japan Color
      • Leverages BestMatch to provide you with the guidance you need to help determine if you can achieve a closer match to a specific color standard adjusting ink on press

      X-Rite eXact Standard Spot Color

      Best in Spot Color Support

      • Delivers direct and seamless access to latest Pantone libraries and PantoneLIVE standards with optional license
      • Provides enhanced spot color handling by allowing creation and management of standards and color libraries to be located on your device

      Enhanced Measurement Capabilities

      • Reduces wasted time and materials with simultaneous measurements of M0/M1/M2/M3 conditions
      • Provides M1 part 1, for accurate measurement of neon inks
      • Facilitates creation and management of standard colors directly on the device
      • Provides mobility in the pressroom with optional wireless Bluetooth connectivity

      eXact Standard Scan Option

      Scan Option

      Available as an option for the Standard and Advanced models. The eXact Scan is easy-to-use and provides quick scanning capabilities for use in offset, digital, flexo, prepress, and other environments for spot measurement and scans to better understand, control, manage, and communicate color across the entire workflow.

      X-Rite eXact Standard In Use

      Xp Offering

      All eXact models are available in Xp mode, meaning they are specifically designed to help packaging printers and converters more accurately measure color on flexible film materials and other print and packaging substrates without the need for polarized measurements (M3).

    Customer Reviews

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    Michael Hock
    eXact is the right name!

    We have been very pleased with the accuracy and improved workflow the eXact has afforded us. It’s ability to easily manage spot libraries for multiple customers through the computer interface is awesome! In addition, its repeatability is far superior to any other units I have ever used. I highly recommend spending a little more for something that will ultimately save you tons in manpower expense in the long run.

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