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    Beta Industries


    Beta Industries Beta Fluo Advanced Densitometer/ Colorimeter

    Windows Software
    IRDA (wireless infrared)

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    • Beta Fluo Advanced

      Beta Fluo Advanced is equiped with near UV LED and far UV LED light sources combined with its computing and memory system, it act as a comprehensive tool for fluorescent and phosphorescent printing. In addition to free FLUODXConnect software, the advanced device can be combined with Fluo IRDA -USB Converter Box and FLUODXConnect Pro software to even enhance its priductivity and functionality.

      Pass Fail

      Beta Fluo Advanced simplifies the baic pass/fail testing requirement by using traffic light LED light indicator. This is programmed using the FLUODXConnect software to suit the need of production, QC, inspection and analysis. More info on the FLUODXConnect software is on its respective tab.

      Fluo IRBOX is IRDA - USB converter which allows wireless data upload to windows software. This helps the measurement process by allowing rea-time data upload when IRBOX is connected to the PC. FLuo Advanced consists of IR sending interface for uni-directional communication.

      Beta Fluo is a rugged and portable toolset designed to measure Fluorescence and Phosphorescence of invisible ink easily on the production floor, QC lab or on-site verification. This flexible instrument helps to bring process control and increase productivity to invisible UV ink printing and marking. Fluo Densitometer uses 365nm UV source to illuminate the print sample which cause the fluorescent material to glow with visible color. The relative intensity of the glow combined with the RGB color of the sample are used to determine the over-inking or under-inking status of the print in hand. Fluo Advanced uses 156nm and 365nm UV LED sources sequentially or both to provide detailed and through analysis of fluorescent intensity, fluorescence, fluorescent and phosphorescent colorimetry, charge/discharge timing characteristics and much more.

      Application of Fluo

      • Security Ink manufacturing & Packaging printing
      • Serial Numbers, QR Codes & Digital Signatures
      • Anti Counterfeiting & Trademark Protection
      • Flexible plastic film, Synthetic papers
      • RFID Printed Memory, DNA Markers
      • Track & trace Holographic images
      • Security phosphorescent labels
      • Brand Security & Protection
      Application of Fluo
      Beta Fluo Technology
      • Near UV LED (365nm)
      • Far UV LED (256nm)
      • Tri-stimulus sensor
      • Auto Dynamic range
      • USB connectivity
      • UV exposure prevention

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