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    X-Rite i1iSis 2

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    • i1iSis 2 Configurations


      The i1iSis 2 is available in two Sizes:

      • Normal - LetterReads up to 1,500 patches on a single sheet in 8 minutes Paper width: 2.4 to 9 inchesProduct dimension: 16.5 x 6.3 x 4.7 inches
      • XL - TabloidReads up to 2,500 patches on a single sheet in 10 minutes Paper width: 2.4 to 13 inches Product dimension: 20.5 x 6.3 x 4.7 inches

      i1iSis 2 Features


      Productive. Fast. Precise

      In high production environments such as photo processing,large format, fine art and high-speed digital printing, frequent measurement of color test charts to keep color management profiles up to date is a must. With the i1iSis 2, this task no longer need be labor-intensive. Simply print the test chart, read it into the i1iSis 2 in 10 minutes or less, and check results.


      Take the Time and Labor Out of Keeping Color Management Profiles Up to Date

      • Capture full spectral data for the charts you measure
      • Leverage switchable illumination to capture M0, M1 and M2 in a single chart measurement cycle
      • Use with i1Profiler to accommodate a variety of inks and substrates in any viewing condition using Optical Brightening Compensation (OBC)
      • Assure compliance with new ISO standards for M-Series measurement illumination conditions
      • Spend less time on press profiling and more on taking care of customers.


      M-Series Standards Compliance

      M1 is now the specified measurement condition for GRACoL 2013, SWOP 2013 and ISO 12647-2. Verification to these standards should be done using the M1 measurement condition. In addition, M1 measurement conditions are required to achieve accurate proof-to-press-sheet matches in ISO 3664 D50 lighting booths.


      Vision System for Accurate Alignment


      The X-Rite i1iSis 2 comes with a built-in vision system that offers high tolerance for how charts are aligned as they are fed into the system, automatically correcting for misalignment. Barcode reading for chart identification adds further ease of use and error reduction.


      i1 Spectral Technology

      The i1iSis 2 uses i1 spectral technology to accommodate M-Series measurement illumination conditions:

      • M0 (NoFilter) where neither substrate nor imaging colorants fluoresces.
      • M1 for proper measurement of substrates with optical brightening agents (OBA’s).
      • M2, when there is a desire to eliminate the fluorescing effect from the measurement data.


      XRGA Compliant

      The X-Rite Graphic Arts Standard (XRGA), a corporate X-Rite factory calibration standard for graphic arts instruments, includes new advances in color technology and changes required to meet ISO-13655. As an XRGA-compliant instrument, the i1iSis 2 ensures high quality data exchange and workflows in environments where different instrumentation is used.

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