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    Color Communication

    All the hardware you need to ensure the quality of your color

    All the software you need to ensure the quality of your color

    Beta Industries


    Beta Industries Betacolor Presto Spectro


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    • Betacolor Presto Spectro

      The Betacolor Presto Spectro brings high precision color control within reach of every shop and every operator. The compact new design and Easy Glide Track make it easy to get on target for both right- and left-handed operators. It is ergonomically designed for efficient and comfortable use by all operators.

      High-efficiency electronics provide 250,000 measurements from 4 AA batteries, eliminating the need for charges or cables that can malfunction or be misplaced.


      • Density, Dot Gain, Gray Balance, and Trapping
      • Delta E, Lab, Lch, and SCTV (Spot Color Tone Value [especially important for Packaging])
      • 250,000 measurements from high efficiency LED's, powered by 4 AA batteries
      • Easy Glide Track
      • Target area is always easy to see
      • Never touches wet ink
      • Large Clear Display
      • Large flashing color indicators show the measurement channel
      • Avoids visual fatigue and operator errors
      • Two Year Warranty
      • Seven Year Warranty on LED Light Source and Filters


      • Gray Balance Control
      • Automatic Target Identification
      • Automatic Zero
      • Relative Density
      • Absolute Density
      • Two Dot Gain Target Values

      PrestoConnect Color Library Management Software

      The database organizes the work by color, customer, and job making it easy for production personnel to use and understand the system. Physical samples are measured with the instrument and automatically written to the database with Lab and Density values, a user-entered color name, and delta E and density tolerances. A representation of the color is generated on-screen for confirmation to the operator. Once the sample is measured the operator has the option to accept the entry, as shown here.

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