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    • Myiro-1

      MYIRO-1 is an innovative, user-friendly, compact, low cost and accurate spectrophotometer designed to calibrate and build ICC profiles for your devices. This Next genetation ICC color profiling solution will help you to calibrate your monitors and profile your printer by measuring spots as well as strips. It can measure what we see and gives M0, M1 and M2 in one scan.


      Hardware Myiro-1

      Myiro-1 is purposefully built for wireless measurement of spectral data where ever needed. WLAN removes the need of plugging device for test charts measurement.



      MYIROtools comes in Free, Basic and Advanced version to enable MYIRO-1 to Measure charts, Analyse your color, Create Profile or Calibrate your display.

      Highlights of MYIRO-1

      MYIRO-1 Uses

      Spot & Bi-directional Scan

      MYIRO-1 can be used to scan a Spot or scan an entire strip of chart. It can be used according to the requirement of the job in hand to measure color accurately using its precise spectral engine. Test charts scanning can be bi-directional so the time is cut in half.

      Wireless Connectivity

      With MYIRO-1 you can forget about USB dongles and wires limiting your working space. You can measure without hassle and with ease because of WLAN connectivity that is comfortable and makes one less thing to worry about.

      M0, M1 & M2 readings in one

      It is efficient to collect data under three different illumination conditions: M0 “Color measuring mode A”, M1 “Color measuring mode D50” and M2 “Color measuring mode UV Cut” in one scan reducing time to get the scan in different modes.

      3rd Party RIPs and Software

      MYIRO-1 is compatible with growing list of RIP software available in the market. Softwares for Agfa, basICColor, Bodoni and CGS are some of the vendors that are compatible.


      MYIRO-1 Configurations

      MYIRO-1 Essential can be used with free version of MYIROtools software or other supporting third party Softwares to calibrate and build ICC profiles for displays in your prepress department. It can be used to measure ambient lighting conditions or luminance of your viewing booths to optimize the color retouching and soft-proofing jobs.

      MYIRO-1 Profiling adds the ability to profile your printers too. It is intelligently designed to create RGB, CMYK & DeviceLink printer profiles using preset profiling options for printers from "Desktop" to "Grand Format" inkjet printers. Furthermore, it press sheet and proof validation(Pass/Fail) with respect to ISO reference print conditions.

      MYIRO-1 Advanced package allows to expand the ability to manually control and modify printing profiles rather than be limited to predefined profiles in profiling package. Advanced package are for the professional requiring complete manual control and customization of press profile, gamut mapping etc to fully influence the result.

      MYIRO-1 Minimum Software Requirement
      OS Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit
      Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
      OS X 10.10 to 10.11
      macOS 10.12 to 10.15
      CPU Intel ® or AMD processor with 64-bit support;
      2 GHz or faster processor
      Memory At least 4GB
      8GB recommended
      Hard Disk Drive At least 4GB of available HDD recommended
      Display At least 1024x768 pixel
      1366x768 recommended
      Interface USB 2.0
      Wireless LAN

      Whats in the Box?

      Whats in the Box MYIRO-1
      • MYIRO-1 Spectrophotometer
      • Calibration Cap
      • USB cable (2m)
      • Soft case
      • Ruler
      • Configuration Tool

      Optional Ambient Light Adapter can be bought additionally to enable reading ambient lighting conditions.

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