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    CC Sphere Portable Spectrophotometer

    • CC Sphere Portable Spectrophotometer

      The ChromaChecker CC Sphere is a compact and easy-to-use spectrophotometer that provides reliable and accurate color measurement for a variety of applications. It can measure different color spaces and is compatible with popular software programs, making it easy to integrate into existing workflows. The device features an advanced optical system that ensures high accuracy and precision across the entire color spectrum. Whether for professionals in the printing industry or hobbyists in art and photography, the CC Sphere is a powerful tool that guarantees consistent and reliable color measurements.
      Docking Station

      The docking station utilizes magnets to secure and stabilize the instrument while keeping it secure. Furthermore, an additional self-adhesive plate enhances the mechanical stability of the setup. In addition to providing a secure base, the docking station charges the instrument's internal battery, while the white calibration tile is conveniently located at the bottom. The instrument and docking station also come equipped with two USB sockets for added convenience.

      Touch Screen

      The 3.5" touch-screen display boasts an intuitive menu, making all operations a breeze for the operator. In addition, the wireless Bluetooth connection and battery capacity are designed to meet the high expectations of the user.

      Aperture Size
      Exchangeable apertures

      The CC Sphere Portable spectrophotometer includes three standard aperture sizes (11mm, 6mm, and 1x3mm) that can be easily interchanged without tools. Users can select the appropriate aperture size to accommodate various sample measurement requirements. Larger apertures generally provide more precise measurements, but limitations may restrict their use. The aperture size is also dependent on the print line screen and line screen rulings, which should be taken into account when selecting the appropriate size. Overall, the CC Sphere's interchangeable aperture sizes make it a versatile tool for professionals who require accurate and precise measurements across a range of sample types and sizes.

      360-700nm Full wavelength

      The CC Sphere Portable spectrophotometer uses a full wavelength balanced LED and UV as the illuminant, enabling it to provide uniform spectral distribution across the visible and ultraviolet bands. The UV component is switchable, allowing users to measure samples with or without UV components as needed. This feature makes the CC Sphere an ideal choice for a wide range of applications, including those that require measurements of materials with fluorescent properties. The instrument's accuracy and flexibility make it an exceptional choice for professionals seeking high-quality color measurement technology.

      Dual Optical Path array
      Built-in Viewing Camera with Dual optical path array sensor

      The CC Sphere Portable spectrophotometer features a built-in viewing camera to ensure proper sample positioning and accurate measurements. The dual optical path array sensor monitors energy fluctuations in the light source during measurement, resulting in improved repeatability and reduced interference. The use of large-area dual-array sensors ensures fast measurement speeds, increased accuracy, stability, and consistency between multiple devices. This combination of features makes the CC Sphere an exceptional spectrophotometer suitable for precise and reliable measurements in various applications.

      Intelligent auto-calibration

      The CC Sphere Portable spectrophotometer has a ZrO2 white tile that reflects over 90%, making frequent white calibration unnecessary, ensuring consistent and accurate measurements over a long period. The intelligent calibration base allows automatic calibration through the white tile, eliminating the need for manual intervention. The ZrO2 white tile has superior mechanical strength and weather resistance, preventing scratches and discoloration even after prolonged use. With the automatic calibration feature and high-quality white tile, the CC Sphere is an ideal choice for professionals who require precise and consistent measurements over extended periods.

      Auto Calibration

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