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    ColorLogic CoPrA L Upgrades


    • ColorLogic CoPrA 9


      CoPrA is the control center for any ICC color profiling task. CoPrA creates high quality printer, DeviceLink and SaveInk profiles with a user friendly interface for any color space and printing process. Offering some of the most intelligent and advanced profiling tools in the industry today, CoPrA can be even used for industrial printing processes such as textiles, ceramics, flexo and others.

      Save time and money with its wide range of features to optimize print pro- duction. A must-have tool for any color management professional to capture the characteristics of their presses and printers or to implement high quality extended gamut printing.

      What's New in CoPrA 9?

      • Redesigned Update Profile Tool: New additional reports with simplified and optimized workflow.
      • Multicolor Profile Variants: Reduce production costs with fewer process colors used when printing.
      • Profile Manager: Intelligent automatic function simplifies Multicolor profiling for industrial applications
      • Image Conversion: New gamut view options for better gamut analysis
      • Absolute Compression Improved for colorful substrates or substrates with high OBAs.
      • Black Ink Simulation: Improved new soft proof option and new InkSave information
      • InkSplitiing Linerization: Linerization combines light and full ink channels
      • Profile calculation Speed Boost: 40% faster with native Apple M1 chip support
      • UI and Techinal Updates: Supports macOS Catalina, BigSur and Monterey Dark Mode

      Sofrware Maintenance Agreement


      The SMA is a paid annual plan which provides an upgrade to the latest version of the application at no additional charge to the end user.


      Anytime ColorLogic releases a major software version, all users with a current SMA are eligible to receive a new license free of charge.


      ColorLogic highly encourages the add-on of the Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) to the purchase of ColorAnt, CoPrA or ZePrA to keep all applications up to date.


      Contact a ColorLogic representative about purchasing an SMA and take advantage of receiving the latest features and tools with every release.

      ColorLogic CoPrA Features

      Features CoPrA Basic CoPrA M CoPrA L CoPrA XL CoPrA XXL
      RGB, Gray, CMYK Printer Profile with Presets
      Profile Updating with Presets
      Profile Manager PDF reporting
      Create profiles with custom settings
      ColorAnt Analyze & Optimize Measurement data
      DeviceLink Creation & Editing
      DeviceLink Recalculation
      Generate XML Reports
      SaveInk Profiles
      Edit DeviceLink up to 9 channels
      Multicolor Profiles up to 15 channels
      Optimize and edit multicolor measurement data.

      Printer Profiling

      printer profile
      copra update profile

      New Printer Profile - Depending on the package and modules purchased, CoPrA will profile the following color spaces: Gray, RGB, CMY, CMYK or Multicolor. The profiling Settings can be saved and re-used or edited. This ensures consistent profiling and increased color quality in production.


      update profile

      Update Profile - an innovative approach to updating ICC profiles without printing a large test chart and defining profile settings from scratch. This approach requires printing a small control strip to quickly update a profile for changing print conditions.

      Device Link Profiling

      device link
      copra editing

      Device Link- complement the use of "normal" ICC device profiles (device profiles are printer, monitor, and scanner profiles) and are applied to certain tasks in order to achieve substantially better results in terms of quality and printing when converting and adapting colors.


      copra saveink

      Editing - Create DeviceLink profiles by editing. Profiles can be applied in auto-menu, select the appropriate predefined setting for your production task. These profiles can be applied in automated fashion in a workflow program that supports DeviceLink profiles.


      save ink
      copra recalculation

      SaveInk - reduce the amount of cyan, magenta and yellow used - without any loss of quality and control the amount of TAC (total area coverage) reduction by optimizing the black composition of the data. Applying this function to a moderate degree enhances the stability of the printing process, while use of a stronger level saves even more ink.

      SaveInk for Multicolor - users with a Multicolor license benefit from the extension of the SaveInk module to create SaveInk DeviceLink profiles based on Multicolor profiles. Note: for Multicolor profiles to use SaveInk profiles, a black channel must be present and it must be the fourth channel; profiles that do not follow those rules cannot be selected.


      copra image conversion

      Recalculate - Recalculate DeviceLink profiles with a different profile. It is a great time saver if there are several DeviceLink profiles that require updating.


      image conversion

      Image Conversion - Convert images using a variety of profiles. It converts PSD, TIFF and JPEG files with ICC device profiles and DeviceLink profiles. Typical application programs do not support all types of DeviceLink (i.e. RGB to CMYK) or multicolor profiles.


      profile manager
      copra profile manager

      Profile Manager - allows viewing, organization, analysis, and comparison of profiles after creation in CoPrA. The ability to display all types of profiles, (including DeviceLink and Multicolor Profiles) is a powerful tool for everyday color management.


      batch overview
      copra batch overview

      Batch Overview - create several profiles at once and perform additional functions once profiles have been generated. While the profile is being calculated, load new measurement data, prepare the next profile(s) or create variations.The toolbar also includes the option to create PDF or XML reports.

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