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    X-Rite SpectraLight QC Single Luminaire

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    • X-Rite SpectraLight QC Single Luminaire

      In today's economy, consistency is king

      In an attempt to heighten consistency across documents, Brand owners are placing more value on supply chain control. This can be seen today in everyday supply chain interactions. Brand owners are beginning to work with fewer, more trusted partners rather than inexpensive ones. As a supplier, it's important to be able to provide a brand owner with consistent quality control.

      This may seem like an easy goal to accomplish when equipped with proper lighting equipment, but there are many factors to take into account. A brand new SpectraLight III luminaire will have a different color cast than an older model equipped with the same lights. This same luminaire will also have a different color cast than that of a luminaire made by a different manufacturer. This raises some very important questions:

      • Which luminaire is casting the correct color on my sample?
      • How can it be guaranteed that the color seen by the supplier is that seen by the brand owner?
      • How can traditional luminaires guarantee proper quality control across a supply chain?
      • How can we improve upon existing standards to tighten our quality control?

      Enter the X-Rite SpectraLight QC Single Luminaire

      This revolutionary device from X-Rite takes the guess work out of QC. The SpectraLight QC reduces human error, standardizes conditions for visual assessment, and (of course) saves both time and money for your business.

      Revolutionary technology to change market standards

      The technology introduced by the new SpectraLight QC is going to revolutionize the way we measure color accuracy. The illumination technology used in this device is superior to any other luminaire available on the market today. Thanks to the number of light sources built into the QC (more than any other booth), this instrument can meet almost any specification. Through the use of daylight, incandescent "A", horizon, and your choice of three fluorescent tubes, this luminaire is able to reproduce almost any color cast for accurate comparison. If that wasn't enough, X-Rite decided to integrate light sensors in order to provide real time output of fluorescent lamp lux (which can be set by the operator to meet specific industry standards). The closed loop fluorescent lamp control integrated in this luminaire allows operators to switch light sources without having to wait for a required warm up time. The built in sensors monitor and control all of the fluorescent lamps in the luminaire to maintain precise lux over the life of the lamp. The QC also features factory-calibrated UV, and allows the user to adjust the amount of UV present while viewing their sample.

      Pass viewing data for reliable QC

      As any supplier surely knows, visual assessment is only half the battle of quality control. Real supply chain compliance requires reliable information. The QC is capable of generating and tracing data on all aspects of visual assessment via it's PC reporting capability. When connected to a PC, the QC stores a wealth of useful information such as:

      • Company Name
      • Customer Name
      • Sample ID
      • Lamps Used For Assessment
      • Lamp Condition
        • Age
        • Lamp Life Remaining
        • Illumination Levels
        • Calibration Information
      • Operator Name
      • Operator Certification (100 hue test score)

      All of this data can be either printed and sent along with the sample or stored electronically for future use. The QC is not only a luminaire, but also and auditing tool meant to decrease the inconsistencies at different stages in the supply chain.This luminaire is capable of providing an analysis of a rejected sample to isolate the cause of the problem. The SpectraLight both lowers the rejection rate of samples with its simple troubleshooting as well as allowing all parties involved to thoroughly investigate the supply chain in order to take corrective action before exorbitant amounts of money are lost to incorrect color.

      Say goodbye to natural human discrepancies.

      Data does absolutely no good whenever you have no way of guaranteeing that the operator viewed the sample correctly. The QC has a built in programmability function that allows suppliers to create custom profiles to meet brand owner requirements. These custom profiles ensure that operators can only use approved lamps and accurate settings for every program. This data can be stored in a report to be shared with customers to help further identify any inconsistencies. Profiles can be created for each individual operator in order to log their Farnsworth-Munsell 100 hue test score. Instead of flying one person around the world to ensure color accuracy, save time and money with the ability to compare individual operators to each other and tune your luminaire to present the most accurate representation of what the original operator saw.

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