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    X-Rite IntelliTrax2 System

    • X-Rite IntelliTrax2

      X-Rite automation bundle

      Improved Quality Control

      IntelliTrax displays real-time measurement results in a graphical "traffic light" report: green bars indicate good color; yellow and red represent values that are out of tolerance. By quickly pinpointing problem areas, operators can bring the process back into control with ease prior to generating off color waste.

      The key result of the IntelliTrax system's high speed performance is faster makeready. And with the industry trend toward shorter press runs, the time you can gain by reducing makeready more than justifies your investment in IntelliTrax.

      NEW! Features in v2:

      G7 Proof to Press Support
      • Measure against set G7 targets
      • Show results for Highlight Contrast, Highlight Range and Shadow Contrast
      • Measure P2P Custom Target and output file to IDEALink Curve Software (available from
      • G7 Reporting
      ISO Standards Support
      • Use pre-defined ISO libraries which contain ISO targets
      • ISO Report of results of measuring against targets
      • Provides density information for the reference and the sample and recommendations on how to adjust the ink to get the best match to Target L*a*b*
      Sheet Trend Reporting
      • Evaluate job performance of the press for all sheets from beginning of the job to the end
      Other features
      • Import color bars as a PDF
      • Custom chart measurement
      • Delete or rename a job or project
      • Quick target changes

      VIDEO: X-Rite IntelliTrax Video Presentation

      How IntelliTrax ICC Works

      During setup, you can:
      • Choose from a preset list of color bar test targets
      • Configure a variety of profile generation parameters (e.g., black generation type and amount, ink limits, device color space, profile storage location)
      During press-side use, you can:
      • Measure the profile target independent of routine color bar measurements, which lets you approve the quality of the color bar before measuring the profile target
      • View the measured target to ensure that the patches are correct
      • Correct patch data, if necessary, with a 530 handheld spectrodensitometer
      After measurement and review:
      • IntelliTrax builds the ICC profile and saves it to a predefined location

      Intelligent Features for a Streamlined Pressroom

      Intuitive Touch-screen Interface

      The IntelliTrax series features an easy-to-use touchscreen interface with large, intuitive icons. All the menu choices a user needs are accessible from the main screen and it's easy to learn - you don't have to be a computer or color measurement expert to use it.

      Look-ahead Sensor

      IntelliTrax's scanning head incorporates an advanced, imaging technology that steers the head as it scans. As the scanning head moves, it will automatically adjust to find the color bar, ensuring accurate measurements every time.

      Networkable System

      IntelliTrax is designed to be linked to other X-Rite IntelliTrax systems on local or wide-area networks providing up-to-date, centralized job information and color standards.

      Dynamic Polarization

      The Dynamic Polarization (DP) option allows for the measurement of polarized density while still providing non-polarized color data within the same instrument. Through an X-Rite patented design, these measurements can be obtained simultaneously in a single pass of the scanning head. Extensive or expanded results reporting As a PC-based system, IntelliTrax offers extensive data collection capabilities. The system generates standard reports and lets you customize reported attributes for management or the prepress department. Network capability enables plant-wide integration via a single database. Data can be further analyzed in Excel or other third-party software to meet customer requirements.

      Specific reporting features include:
      • Sample Report - Shows detailed color measurement information
      • Job Summary Report - Select multiple attributes per job for management review (includes data on presses, materials and other production variables)

      IntelliTrax D Automated Tracking Densitometer

      IntelliTrax D is an entry-level solution for four-color process printing. It's ideal for four-color houses that don't deal with complex, non-process colors. Yet, it's easy to upgrade from the IntelliTrax D to the advanced unit as an operation expands.

      IntelliTrax D provides all basic process color control tools that are based on industry standard densitometry metrics. This assures you of correlation to existing densitometer systems but adds the benefit of speed and simplicity.

      The Solution for 4+ Color Printing

      The IntelliTrax standard model is an advanced, automated color management solution for presses printing four or more colors. With the ability to measure special PANTONE colors, non-process colors and paper color, it's ideal for high-end, high-speed printing operations.

      Included is the ability to monitor either PANTONE colors or custom colors. Custom colors can be measured using a handheld 530 spectrodensitometer or shared from other X-Rite products, such as QCcolor, ATS or X-Rite Color Master.

      IntelliTrax ICC for on-press profile generation

      If you need the ability to generate ICC profiles on-press, consider IntelliTrax ICC - a self-contained pressroom profiling solution that is integrated with IntelliTrax. A fast, easy-to-use solution, this capability relies on preset profile generation parameters. IntelliTrax ICC also serves as a link/bridge between the pressroom and the prepress department, enabling better proof-to-press matching.

      CIP4 Compatible

      To simplify and expedite system setup and workflow integration, IntelliTrax supports the use of the industry's CIP4 and JDF data standards. This enables faster set-up and accurate job information such as ink rotation, color specification, job identification or paper stock.

      Color Measurement Capabilities of the IntelliTrax S System:

      • Color & Color Difference (DeltaE & L*a*b*)
      • Spectral Density and Dot
      • The Pantone Library
      • Paper Color

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