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    X-Rite eXact Scan

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    • X-Rite eXact Scan

      eXact Scan

      A 2-in-1 Color Measurement Instrument!

      The X-Rite eXact Scan is both a handheld densitometer/spectrophotometer and a scanning device! It is a critical part of a complete color management ecosystem that ensures color consistency and repeatability across the entire color workflow. eXact Scan is ideal for use in offset, digital, flexo, prepress, inkroom and other environments where exceptional color control is a necessity.

      Measure a wide range of different color bars

      The X-Rite eXact Scan spectrophotometer is a next-generation handheld color measurement solution that measures a 100cm/40” color bar in less than 10 seconds, capturing density, spectral color values, dot gain and more. It’s easy to use and can be configured to meet the needs of multiple operators with automated presetting that avoids potential for error and ensures standards compliance.

      exact Scan Alignment Bar

      Patented Zebra Wheel Drives Speed, Productivity

      Integration of the patented Zebra wheel into the eXact Scan gives operators complete, untethered freedom of measurement. As the user moves the instrument, it counts stripes and calculates how far and fast the operator is moving, tracking the position along the bar. With other instruments, users must move at a reasonably repeatable speed across the whole series of patches, not too fast or slow, in order to get an accurate measurement. Integrating this X-Rite patented technology into the instrument is a significant advance in accuracy and productivity.

      Aligning Your Instruments

      When used with NetProfiler, eXact Scan can manage and monitor color performance at an enterprise level, providing consistent quality measurements across shifts, departments and sites. eXact Scan supports all of the leading print specifications, including ISO, Japan Color, G7, and PSO, allowing printing and converting businesses to efficiently monitor color processes.

      InkKey Control Software

      eXact InkKeyControl Software

      Using eXact Scan with InkKeyControl Software, you can maintain control of your ink zones in commercial offset print, reducing make-ready time, improving quality control and reducing material waste. With real-time measurement results, quickly identify problem areas and gain back process control. eXact InkKeyControl includes worldwide process control and reporting, enabling operators to use any target in the library; import palettes with patches standards and tolerances; and connect to other areas of the workflow. Full support for CxF (ISO 17972-1:2015) ensures efficient color communication across any supply chain.

      The M-Factor Difference

      The eXact Scan enables a simultaneous scan of M0, M2, M3 with a single pass in less than a second. A simple toggle switch places the instrument in M1 measurement mode to account for optical brighteners/fluorescing agents in both substrates and inks according to ISO standards, matching D50 (Daylight) in the entire visible spectrum and conforming to the UV range metamerism index specified in ISO 3664. The combination of these capabilities in a single instrument is unique and not only delivers more accurate measurements but saves significant time in the measurement process. Other devices with D50 simulators (M1 Part Two) offer less functionality while using a true D50 source is good for measuring and reporting the impact of the standard graphic arts illumination on any material with any kind of fluorescence.

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