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    Color Communication

    All the hardware you need to ensure the quality of your color

    All the software you need to ensure the quality of your color



    X-Rite eXact Auto-Scan Standard

    eXact Aperture Size
    Select Track Size

    • X-Rite eXact Auto-Scan Standard

      eXact Auto Scan

      What's included?

      • Track
      • Power Supply
      • Interface Cables
      • eXact Standard Spectrophotometer with Scan Option
      • InkKeyControl software (if purchased) and documentation, guide, carrying case, device certificate

      One Instrument, Ultimate Flexibility.

      The X-Rite eXact Auto-Scan is a versatile press side scanning device that provides flexibility for measuring color with spot, manual, and automated scanning capabilities.



      X-Rite Auto Scan

      Improve Color Quality

      The eXact Auto-Scan scans the entire color bar on button press automatically, it provides simultaneous M-mode measurement of density and color data on set targets to ensure a more accurate color delivery.

      eXact Auto Scan In Use

      Optimize Workflow Automatization

      The eXact Auto-Scan integrates with closed loop solutions to deliver automated ink key adjustments while also decreasing make ready and improving color quality.

      InkKey Control Software

      eXact InkKeyControl Software

      Using eXact Scan with InkKeyControl Software, you can maintain control of your ink zones in commercial offset print, reducing make-ready time, improving quality control and reducing material waste. With real-time measurement results, quickly identify problem areas and gain back process control. eXact InkKeyControl includes worldwide process control and reporting, enabling operators to use any target in the library; import palettes with patches standards and tolerances; and connect to other areas of the workflow. Full support for CxF (ISO 17972-1:2015) ensures efficient color communication across any supply chain.

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