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    Color Communication

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    X-Rite Ci64 Handheld Portable Spectrophotometer

    Aperture Size
    Additional Software

    • Consistent Color for Improved Profitability

      Ci64 Specs


      The Ci64’s large high-resolution color screen, Graphical Jobs™ interface* and configurable menus make it fast and easy for users to understand color measurement procedures, bring consistency to measurement processes and quickly view measurement data. The Ci64’s flip shoe mechanism adds flexibility and makes it easy to measure difficult-to-reach areas. And a simple lock button ensures that mistakes are not made during quality checks. Add the UV option if samples include optical brightening agents.


      • Accurately measure reflective or uneven surfaces on a wide variety of products and packaging types.
      • Ensure a color quality audit trail across multiple devices and locations for consistent color and brand integrity in a supply chain.
      • Access up to 4,000 reference samples stored in the device for fast access to existing data.
      • Increase instrument up-time with optional dual-bay charging to use the Ci60 while charging the second battery.
      • Remotely ascertain and optimize with NetProfiler -With NetProfiler, users can apply corrections to improve measurement performance, with or without a PC connection.

      Confidently Measure Optical Brightening Agents

      With the Ci64, users have flexibility of aperture sizes and the option to add UV LED illumination for accurate color measurement of plastics, textiles and papers that contain optical brightening agents.

      Ci64 Densitometer In Use

      Bring Consistency to Measurement Processes

      With a Graphical Jobs™ interface and configurable menus, Ci64 users can understand measurement procedures and view data directly from the device. It ensures reliable data collection and statistical process control for consistency across shifts, production lines, and manufacturing facilities.

      Ci64 In Use

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