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    Color Communication

    All the hardware you need to ensure the quality of your color

    All the software you need to ensure the quality of your color



    Techkon SpectroDens Basic

    Wireless Option

    • Techkon SpectroDens Basic

      What is included?

      • The measurement device
      • A Charger
      • Console with integrated white standard
      • AC adapter with universal plugs
      • Device case
      • USB-cable
      • CD with SpectroConnect software
      • Manual with ISO 9000 certificate and a two year warranty

      Spectrodens Highlights

      Quick Measurement of Process and Spot Colors

      Control your process, spot, Pantone® or other critical brand colors by measuring solid ink density, % dot area, CIE Lab, deltaE, and more.


      Track Densities Across Sheet

      Shows density variation across press sheet and provides specific ink key adjustments right on instrument display.


      Best Color Match

      InkCheck™ feature helps press operators minimize color differences (deltaE’s) by providing specific density adjustments to achieve best possible color matches.


      Spot and Scan Measurement in Same Device

      Switch from spot measurements to color bar scanning with the touch of a button. Scan color bars up to 43-inches long in only 10 seconds (200 patch maximum); no guide required, 4 wheels keep straight alignment while scanning.


      Achieve G7 Compliance

      GrayGuide™ feature displays G7 pass/fail indication and specific C,M,Y density adjustments to obtain grayscale values according to G7 specification.


      Scan Media Wedge for Quick Proof Verification

      Scan control wedge in seconds to confirm proofs against 12647-7 and known datasets like GRACol, SWOP3, SWOP5, IFRA, UGRA/FOGRA, G7™, etc.


      Desktop Software Included

      Create, edit, and manage color libraries, import/export color data, generate pass/fail QC reports, and manage instrument, all with SpectroConnect.


      Tailored to Meet Your Needs

      The SpectroDens is available in 3 different models to best meet your color measurement needs (model comparison below).


      High-Resolution & Nist Traceable

      Spectral sampling in 10 nm intervals from 400 nm to 700 nm fully complies with ISO-13655 requirements.


      Solid Aluminum Unibody Case

      The unibody case is machined from a single block of aluminum to maximize durability and reliability in harsh production environments.

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