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    T-42 Instrument Inspector Target

    • T-42 Instrument Inspector Target

      TThe T-42 Instrument Inspector Target by ChromaChecker™ is a cutting-edge color management tool designed to provide exceptional accuracy and repeatability in color measurement applications. This target comes with a range of features and complementary sets to ensure precise and consistent results across various industries.

      Key Features:

      Spectral Improvements:

      The T-42 target consists of 42 color patches with enhanced spectral properties, guaranteeing superior accuracy and reliability in color representation.

      Design and Technological Improvements:

      ChromaChecker™ has incorporated advanced design and technological enhancements into the T-42 target, making it a state-of-the-art solution for color measurement.

      Matt Finish GU:

      The target features a matt finish GU (Gloss Units), ensuring minimal reflection and providing consistent measurements.

      Multiple Patch Layouts:

      The target offers two patch layout options—a basic layout (6x7) with patches sized 21x22 mm and a single-line layout (I-42) with patches sized 6x10 mm, making it versatile for different instruments and applications.

      Printed on Substrate w. OBAs:

      The target is printed on a substrate containing Optical Brightening Agents (OBAs) for improved color accuracy.

      iSis Barcode with Serial Number:

      Each target comes with an embedded iSis barcode containing a unique serial number, facilitating easy tracking and identification.

      Selfbacking with High Opacity:

      The target has a self-backing design with an opacity of over 99%, ensuring minimal interference from the backing material during measurements.

      Thickness and Rounded Corners:

      With a thickness of 0.41 mm and rounded corners, the T-42 target provides stability and ease of use during measurements.

      Complementary Sets:

      To address natural printing variances, ChromaChecker™ employs an advanced production regime, comparing each product's color consistency and compliance with the production baseline. Through this analysis, the target sets are organized into complementary sets, each with controlled individual differences to minimize variations between targets.

      Patch Uniformity:

      The T-42 target's accuracy is achieved by taking multiple measurements across the large measurement fields and averaging them. Scanning algorithms are used to multiply the number of points measured, enhancing accuracy further.

      Target Care and Cleaning:

      To maintain accuracy and longevity, ChromaChecker™ recommends cleaning the target using microfiber cloths with dry, water-moistened, or soapy water. Acetone should only be used in case of ink stains, as it can alter baseline readings and require a new baseline for ISO 9000 compliance.

      Aging and Fading Resistance:

      While the target components are selected for maximum durability, sensitivity to fading and aging remains. Following guidelines, such as protecting the target from light, avoiding contact with chemicals, and extreme temperatures, can increase its durability.

      Instrument Compatibility:

      The T-42 target is compatible with various instruments, including those from X-Rite, Barbieri, Konica-Minolta, Virtual Colorimeter, Techkon, and Myiro-1.

      Precision of Evaluation:

      Different instruments and measurement modes may yield slightly varying results. It is essential to consider factors like aperture size, scanning speed, and temperature to optimize accuracy.

      Integrated I-42 Control Strip:

      The T-42 target includes the single-row I-42 control strip for devices that cannot measure the T-42 target. While the I-42 is a viable option, it may not provide the same level of averaging and reliability as the T-42.

      In conclusion, the T-42 Instrument Inspector Target by ChromaChecker™ offers unparalleled precision, versatile applications, and a range of features to ensure accurate and consistent color measurements across various industries. Its complementary sets and advanced technology make it an indispensable tool for anyone seeking top-notch color management solutions.

      Take your color management to the next level with the T-42 Instrument Inspector Target by ChromaChecker™. Embrace accuracy, efficiency, and confidence in your color measurements and ensure your instruments are performing at their best. Trust in ChromaChecker™, the name synonymous with excellence in color management.

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