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    Color Communication

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    GTI Simultaneous Color Viewer

    Daylight Source

    • Simultaneous Color Viewer

      The SCV Simultaneous Color Viewer allows the designer to visually compare the appearance of a color sample under 4 light sources with and without UV. This provides an instant visual demonstration of the color constancy of the colored sample and should assist in the selection of colors and colorants that achieve the overall goal of the designer.

      The standard light sources include the following:

      • D65
      • CWF
      • Incandescent A
      • LED

      Color Constancy

      color constancy


      Color Constancy is an important consideration for color and material selection. Sometimes the best color choice is one that maintains its overall hue-appearance under a wide array of lighting conditions rather than the one that achieves the tightest visual match under a more limited selection of light sources. In many cases, the designer may not be sure which characteristic is more important until they can actually see what the color sample - or color pairing - looks like under different lighting conditions.

      Color Harmony

      Color Harmony can also be tested by viewing a pairing of color samples in the SCV. A quick answer to the question “Do these two colors work well in all lighting conditions?” is provided.

      Color Matching

      Color Matching allows for more critical detection of metamerism by comparing the matched samples under 4 different lights at the same time.

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