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    Color Communication

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    GTI PVS-1e Portable

    Lighting Options

    • PVS-1e

      GTI’s PVS-1e is a compact tabletop viewing system that features four 24" T8 lamps, step dimming, a digital dimming option, and optional accessories for enhanced viewing.

      Key Features

      • Affordable price
      • Low maintenance
      • Lamp timer
      • Conforms to International Pharmacopoeia standards including USP 790 and EP 2.9.20
      • Digital or step dimming
      • 1,000 to 4,000 lux
      • Quick set-up without tools
      • Industry leading service

      Particulate Viewing Systems

      GTI’s Particulate Viewing Systems conform to global Pharmacopoeia standards and assist with the detection of particulate contamination during the manufacturing of pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and other products. GTI is a leading manufacturer of visual inspection booths for the appraisal of color and product quality. These booths utilize GTI’s ColorMatcher 6500K lamps. ColorMatcher 6500K lamps are manufactured with a unique blend of fluorescent phosphors that is unequaled by any other 6500K lamp. These lamps deliver a true full spectrum white light that offers the highest degree of accuracy and efficiency.

      Compact, portable and affordable GTI Particulate Viewing Systems include D65 daylight 6500K lamps, a lamp timer, and dimming capability. The interiors of their cabinets are painted neutral gray and include a removeable back insert panel that is fifty percent matte black and fifty percent non-glare white. Exteriors are also painted neutral gray.

      Dimming Capability

      To meet Pharmacopoeia standards, GTI Particulate Viewing Systems provide a brightness level of 4000 lux. Dimming capability allows for the viewing of samples under different intensities of light. PVS-1e and PPVS-2e systems feature preset step dimming which is manually controlled with rocker switches. The PVS-1e/SP model features optional digital dimming for precisely setting any desired degree of illuminance up to 4000 lux.

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