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    Just Normlicht


    Just Normlicht GL SPECTIS 1.0

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    • Just Normlicht GL SPECTIS 1.0


      • High sensitivity and precise calibration
      • Low noise and stable measurements
      • Ready to work when connected to PC (after about 10 min)
      • Small size and low energy consumption
      • Powered via USB connection

      Compact Yet Powerful

      Don’t let the small size fool you. The Spectis 1.0 handheld spectroradiometer can measure any light source and provide the results you need. Evaluate products meet spec before you buy, develop better products faster, or ensure your products are manufactured properly. The Spectis 1.0 can be configured to do it all.


      Depending on your application you can use this handheld spectroradiometer as an illuminance / irradiance meter when you connect it to your PC, you can plug it to a small integrating sphere for single LEDs color and lumen measurements or combine it with a larger integrating sphere for the testing of luminous flux and efficacy of LEDs. Luminance testing is also possible with the use of dedicated GL Opti Probes.

      Cost Effective

      The GL Spectis 1.0 is a measuring device suitable for the final assessment of lamps as well as for testing of complete lighting installations. Combining high accuracy and low cost, it is an excellent instrument choice for common LED measurement applications.

      Spectis 1.0 Specifications

      Technical Specifications Measurements
      Spectral Range 340-780nm / 640-1050nm
      Detector CMOS image sensor
      Number of pixels 256
      Physical resolution ~ 1.7nm
      Wavelength reproducibility 0.5nm
      A/D conversion 16 bits
      Signal to noise ratio 1000:1
      Stray light 2*10E-3
      Optical FWHM 12nm
      Spectroradiometric accuracy* 4%
      Measurement uncertainty of color coordinates (x.y) 0.0015
      Illuminance** 1 lx to 200.000 lx
      Irradiance 0.03 to 600 w/m2
      Luminous Flux (w/ Opti Sphere 48mm) 0.015 to 150 lm
      Luminance (w/ Opti Probe 1.0.10) 10 to 200,000 cd/m2
      Physical Specifications Measurements
      Connector for optical fiber SMA905D
      PC interface USB 2.0 standard
      Power consumption < 100mA
      Ambient temperature 5-35 °C
      Dimensions 115mm x 72mm x 19mm
      Weight 120g

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