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    Just Normlicht


    Just Normlicht Color Viewing Light Basic

    Light Sources

    • Just Normlicht Color Viewing Light Basic

      Just Normlicht's Color Viewing Light Basic can be used to inspect 2D or 3D samples of various materials such as paper, fabric, or plastic. It is suitable for advertising agencies, photographic and prepress studios, printing applications, design firms, and anyone in the manufacturing industry. The Color Viewing Light's multiple illuminants make it ideal for detecting metamerism. The booth's interior panels are painted in neutral, matte gray (Munsell N7). Its Daylight 6500 (D65) fluorescent lamp complies with the strict standards of ISO 3668, ASTM D1729, and DIN 6173-2 for a standardized visual color comparison. Available with 3-5 different types of illuminants.


      Three to five light sources:

      • D65
      • Incandescent A
      • TL84
      • UV
      • D50
      • Viewing area of 14" x 25" x 13" (H x W x D)
      • Hour-meter tracks operating hours of D65 bulb for timely relamping
      • Mixed-light function
      Just Normlicht Color Viewing Light Basic 3

      CVL Basic 3

      Just Normlicht Color Viewing Light Basic 4

      CVL Basic 4

      Just Normlicht Color Viewing Light Basic 5

      CVL Basic 5


      Sample Holder

      Sample Holder with 5 Fixed Angles

      45° Angled Viewing Surface

      45° Angled Viewing Surface for CVL

      5 ISO-Defined Angle Settings, 15" x 7"

      24" x 10"

      Progressive Angle Adjustment 0-60°

      Sample Holder with Variable Angle

      19" x 13"

    Customer Reviews

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    Jason Badgley
    Exactly what we were looking for

    A high quality, cost effective way for us to evaluate color in different light temperatures. Dan was very helpful throughout the purchase process, could not be happier with their service. Highly recommended.


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