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    Just Normlicht


    Just Normlicht Color Control Center 2 multiLight

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    • Just Normlicht Color Control Center 2 multiLight


      The accessible standardized viewing booth is equipped selectively with 2 illumants and provides controlled lighting conditions for large-format visual color control of various materials. The system complies with all applicable industry standards such as ISO 3668, DIN 6173-2 and VDA 280 (8B/BC). With the dimmable multiLight lamp, an illuminance of 1000–4000 lux at a height of one meter above ground level compliant to standards can be achieved. Alternatively the Color Control Center can be equipped with either removable sliding doors, solid walls, or opaque curtains with a neutral gray finish.


      Base product includes just 1 luminaire. If you want to customize with the side panels, curtains, adjustable slanted desk, and additional luminaires, please contact us.


      • Perfect for viewing plastics, paints, textiles, decors and colored coatings of all kinds
      • Optionally equipped with 2 illuminants. Free choice: D65, A, TL84, D50, UV
      • Optionally equipped with convenient ECP with various features like dimming, Wi-Fi, programmable light sequences or with mechanical switches (fig.)
      • Optionally equipped with motor-driven adjustable height (68–118 cm), pneumatic-spring-driven adjustable height (83–114 cm) or with pneumatic-spring-driven adjustable height and slanted surface (up to 85°)

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