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    GTI SOFV-1xiQ Soft View Desktop Lightbooth

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    • GTI SOFV-1xiQ Soft View Light Booth


      The Soft View SOFV-1xiQ is a desktop soft proofing system that easily provides accurate color comparisons between hard copy prints and computer monitors. The SOFV-1xiQ includes a viewing station and the revolutionary wireless iQ sensor. The system enables superb lighting uniformity with a small desktop footprint that meets ISO 3664:2009 D50 light quality for superior color rendition.

      The new SOFV-1xiQ represents a significant improvement versus standard lighting products for soft proofing because it intelligently and automatically matches the luminance level of the viewing station to that of the monitor. The wireless connectivity between the revolutionary iQ sensor and viewing station provides automatic luminance matching, automatic calibration, and ambient light monitoring ensuring that ISO 3664:2009 D50 standards are met.

      What's included in SOFV-1xiQ?

      • Wireless Light Sensor
      • Automatic Calibration
      • Computer Interface
      • Adjustable Light Shields
      • Removable Side Walls

    Customer Reviews

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    Paul Schillinger
    Excellent little Viewing Booth

    Excellent little booth which enables me to view prints beside my calibrated display. This helps me to fine tune my images better than I would otherwise be able. Booth illumination brightness can be adjusted to match that of the display.