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    GTI SOFV-1xi Soft View Desktop Light Booth

    • GTI SOFV-1xi Soft View Light Booth

      The SOFV-1xi carries on GTI’s popular Soft View family of premier desktop color viewing systems for accurate color comparisons between hard copy prints and computer monitors. Optimum precision and unique features make the SOFV-1xi the ultimate choice for your most demanding desktop soft proofing needs.


      sofv-1xi person viewing


      The SOFV-1xi includes a number of innovative design elements including adjustable light shields for both upper and lower luminaires, enabling you to optimize the viewing experience, a steel viewing surface to allow the use of magnets (included with unit) to precisely position artwork, and easy access controls mounted on the front panel.

      Large 19.5" x 24" viewing area features magnetic viewing wall (with 2 magnets included) to view large prints or multiple prints. Includes side walls which are easily removable to view extra wide images.

      Hard Copy Originals Vs Soft-Proofs

      Due to the vast difference in brightness between Standard D5000 viewers and color video displays, color comparisons of hard copy originals with their electronic video reproductions (soft-proofs) can be inaccurate and frustrating. In fact, a tenfold difference in light intensity is typical between Standard D5000 transparency illuminators and video displays.

      Soft-View Luminance Matched Viewing

      The Soft-View eliminates the light intensity differences between hard copy originals and their video reproductions by enabling the operator to adjust the luminance of the Soft-View to match that of the video display. Additional Application: Variable intensity may also be used for brightness matching of transparencies to color prints.


      • Digital dimming with light level display
      • Built-in lamp timer with auto relamp signal
      • Removable side walls and mask
      • Transmission (19.5in x 24in area)

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