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    GTI PDV-3e Desktop Viewer

    Side Walls

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    • GTI PDV-3e Professional Desktop Viewer


      This line of desktop viewing systems uses the latest multi-voltage electronic ballasts with T8 Graphiclite lamps. Their design has been enhanced to provide increased efficiency at a lower cost. The e-series PDV models come pre-assembled with a unique hinged design that allows quick and easy set up for viewing and equally fast fold-upfor storage and/or transport. Accessory side walls, available for each model, are recommended for tighter compliance to the D50 industry viewing standard. These new models also provide significantly greater viewing areas compared with the previous models.

      Improved lamp/reflector technology provides a smaller and more convenient light source without compromising light intensity and evenness of illumination. (The units come disassembled and can be set up in less than one minute.)

        Desktop Print Viewer Models

        • PDV-3e: Base PDV-3e model
        • PDV-3eTR: PDV-3e with GLE-16 transparency viewer & raised base
        • PDV-3ex: PDV-3e with lower luminaire & side walls
        • PDV-3e/D: PDV-3e with full range dimming feature
        • PDV-3e/Dx: PDV-3e/D with lower luminaire & side walls
        • PDV-3eTR/D: PDV-3eTR with full range dimming feature & raised base

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