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    Color Communication

    All the hardware you need to ensure the quality of your color

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    GTI MM-2e

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    • GTI MiniMatcher MM-2e

      Controlled Viewing Environment

      The tabletop MiniMatcher series is ideal for the viewing of cosmetics, coatings, consumer goods, ink, packaging, fashion, and more. The ASTM D1729-2009 compliant MiniMatcher series is available in five standard models.

      X-Rite Judge QC Single Daylight Lamps Layout

      MM-2e 3 Light Sources

      • Daylight Source: D50 or D65
      • Store Light Source: CWF or TL84
      • Home Light Source: Horizon or Incandescent A
      • Optional Light Source: UV

      Elapsed Time Meter

      An optional Elapsed Time Meter to monitor usage of the daylight source is also available. Relamping is recommneded after 2500 hours of lamp use.

      45° Viewing Stand

      45 Degree Viewing Stand

      Variable Angle Viewing Stand

      Additional Features

      • Accurate visual color assessment
      • Accurate color comparison
      • Easy detection of metamerism
      • Munsell N7/ neutral gray surround
      • Simple to operate with individual rocker switches for each source
      • Set up in minutes with no tools needed

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