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    GTI GLX-4856 Transparency Viewer

    LiteGuard II

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    • GTI GLX-4856 Transparency Viewer


      Graphiclite GLX Viewers are precision engineered, easy to use and styled to complement any working environment. The GLC Series feature: full spectrum Graphiclite 100 Color Viewing Lamps, superior color quality, special non-glare Plexiglas, unexcelled viewer to viewer consistency and a high-efficiency reflector system which creates uniform luminance, eliminating shadows and "hot-spots." All GLX Viewers are designed with Munsell Gray surfaces providing neutral viewing fields.

      Built-in Quality Control 

      GLX Quality


      The Graphiclite GLX-LG Series (GLX Viewers with LiteGuard) after the only transparency viewers to offer the unique LiteGuard "intelligence" system. A critical quality control monitor, LiteGuard features an exclusive digital circuitry design. LiteGuard emits a dynamic visual signal when the viewer:

      • requires relamping
      • has warmed-up and stabilized
      • reaches 25%, 50%, and 100% of the lamp's critical color life
      • experiences a significant voltage drop

      Tested and Approved

      GTI's official seal of approval guarantees that every Graphiclite GLX Viewer meets GTI's specifications - the toughest quality control tolerances in the industry today. A highly trained GTI technicial tests every viewer for strict adherence to ANSI and ISO Standards and measures each individual viewer both colorimetrically and photometrically.

      The Right Control...LiteGuard II

      Color output and intensity of fluorescent lamps change over time. The LiteGuard II tells when the viewing system is ready to use, the lamp hours used, and the lamp hours remaining before replacement



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