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    GTI GLL-432e Overhead Luminaire

    Light Source
    Power Cord

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    • GLL-432e Overhead Luminaire

      The GTI GLL-432E Overhead Luminaire is a less expensive version of their GLE series. The difference is that the GLEs have built-in on/off switches whereas the GLLs must be wired by a qualified electrician.


      For overhead, unparalleled lighting quality, the GLLs provide even and superb light quality over a large area. Whether you need it for a studio or gallery, this luminaire produces consistent and long-term quality lighting. With a rating of 2500 hours of consistent lighting, the GTI GLL series assures you of balanced viewing. The GLL can be suspended from a ceiling with chains or cables or simply mounted to a wall (requires optional WB-GL32 Bracket).




      • D50 - Dedicated light source for mainly for graphics, print and packaging applications – reproductions and color proofs. (daylight – 5000K color temp)
      • D65 - Dedicated light source simulating north sky daylight - conforms to all important European and international regulations for visual color matching. (daylight – 6500K color temp)
      • D75 - Dedicated light source with a higher temperature of the lamp than D65. (daylight - 7500K color temp)


      • Excellent lighting choice when color matching is crucial
      • High output lighting
      • LiteGuard System Monitor assures proper maintenance
      • Optional easy to install wall brackets work with both GLE and GLL series

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