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    GTI GLE-M4/32 Multisource Luminaire

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    • GTI GLE-M4/32 Multisource Luminaire

      The GLE-M is a multi-source luminaire that utilizes an innovative optically clear, UV transmitting, prismatic diffusion lens for optimal light distribution.The GLE-M series is available with 5 sources (Model GLE-m5/32). The standard unit comes complete with "soft touch" digital lamp control and GTI ColorGuard II lamp timing center. All luminaires comply with industry standards including ASTM D1729, SAE J361, and BS-950 Part 2.

      Precise light source control

      Push button control panel provides "instant on" light source selection plus easy to use Automatic Light Source Sequencing. Buttons illuminate to indicate light source in use.



      Available Light Sources

      • Artificial Daylight (D65 or D50)
      • Store Light (CWF or TL84)
      • Home Light (Incandescent A)
      • Ultraviolet Light (UV)

      Wireless Remote Control Application

      Remote control installations require a luminaire with a wireless remote control & receiver. The luminaire isequipped with a wireless receiver, wireless remote control, plus two output connectors which can be used tocontrol additional luminaires. It also includes the GTI ColorGuard II lamp timing monitor and digital lightsource control.

      Multiple Unit Application

      Multiple luminaireinstallations, for largearea or color matchingrooms, can be operated using the remote control or any of the luminaire mounted digital light sourcecontrols. Each wireless multiple fixture installation requires one remote control luminaire (any of the WRCmodels).

      ColorGuard II

      The GTI ColorGuard II tracks light source usage and indicates when to relamp, push button “Instant On” lamp selector, and automatic light source sequencing.


      colorGuard II

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