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    GTI EVS-3052/iQ Soft Proofing Light Booth

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    • GTI EVS-3052/iQ Soft Proofing Light Booth

      Soft proofing capabilities can be combined with a conventional color viewing station to enhance the color management process. By utilizing GTI’s iQ sensor technology, soft proofing becomes an automated streamlined process that provides repeatable accuracy and superior quality. Single or dual LCD’s (up to 30”) can be mounted on the rear wall of the viewing station. The first monitor mount is included; second monitor mount is available for an additional $290.00.

      iQ System

      A GTI iQ enabled viewing system takes the question out of your luminance match and replaces it with repeatable accuracy based on GTI’s iQ light sensor. The iQ light sensor wirelessly communicates with a GTI iQ enabled viewing station. The hand-held sensor’s unique design enables it to measure the light striking a flat surface, capturing the brightness level of the monitor. This data is automatically transmitted to the viewing station where it is used to calibrate the light level of the viewing station to achieve an optimal match to the luminosity of the monitor. The iQ sensor also automatically calibrates the viewing station, adjusting for ambient room light and linearizing the brightness of the viewing station to provide push-button setting to 500 lux, the ISO standard for soft proof color viewing.


      iQ Sensor

      What's included in EVS-3052/iQ?

      • Digital Dimming
      • A Single LCD Monitor Mount
      • Pull-Out Keyboard Drawer
      • Vented Storage Cabinet
      • Side Walls
      • D50 light quality

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