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    GTI CHIS-64 Color Harmony Inspection System

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    • GTI CHIS-64 Color Harmony Inspection System

      In the automotive industry, paints and coatings are becoming more complex, parts are being manufactured from a wider range of materials, effect pigments are being used more frequently, and final products consist of components from a worldwide supply chain. To ensure quality, incoming parts and final products need to be inspected in a lighting environment that is compliant with industry standards. The GTI Color Harmony Inspection System (CHIS) is designed to help manufacturing and color quality professionals meet this challenge, to better manage color, and to ensure their products meet their brand’s promise.


      Color Harmony Inspection System

      Optimized Visual Inspection

      The CHIS meets the ASTM D1729, ISO 3668, and SAE J361 standards for color viewing. Enabled by GTI’s 6500K ColorMatcher lamps, it has a CIE rating of B/C based on ISO/CIE 23603:2005 (previously designated as CIE Publication 51), one of the highest in the industry. The CHIS is shipped with a certificate of product conformance (NIST traceable)

      Wireless Remote Control Application

      Remote control installations require a luminaire with a wireless remote control & receiver. The luminaire is equipped with a wireless receiver, wireless remote control, plus two output connectors which can be used to control additional luminaires. It also includes the GTI ColorGuard II lamp timing monitor and digital light source control.

      ColorGuard II

      The GTI ColorGuard II tracks light source usage and indicates when to relamp, push button “Instant On” lamp selector, and automatic light source sequencing.


      colorGuard II

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