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    Enfocus Switch 2022

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    • Enfocus Switch 2022

      Powered By Smart Automation

      Switch is an application that allows you to automate a number of tasks and processes, such as sorting and renaming files, converting files to PDF, preflighting PDFs, and so on.

      Every aspect of the process can be automated:

      • Switch can pick up input files wherever you stored them.
      • The tasks are executed without any manual intervention.
      • Processed files are automatically placed in the appropriate location.
      • Working with Switch can save you a lot of time.

      What is new in Switch 2022?


      Native JSON Support

      Switch now allows native JSON support, ensuring seamless integration with modern RESTful APIs.

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      Spanish and Portuguese

      Spanish and Portuguese are added to the list of supported languages for Switch Designer, Switch Server, and the Switch Web Portal.


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      Show Element Type

      A read-only property added to all elements used in a flow. The new property “Element type” displays the name of the element as it is shown in the Flow elements pane.


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      Archive element: Encryption method


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      Execute Command: store output as private data/metadata

      Stdout and stderr are now optionally attached as a dataset, while the exit code van be stored as private data.


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      Problem jobs: retry alert mails

      The new property is also available on server level in the user preferences.


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      Problem jobs: disable alert mails on flow level

      Disable problem job alert mails on flow level by adding a Problem jobs folder and selecting “None” for the “Send Alerts to” property


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      Custom Branding

      Administrators can configure the look of the Switch Web Portal by changing colors and logos


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      Flow control

      The flow control view in the Web Portal is redesigned to be quicker to use and offer a more consistent design between Web Portal views.


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      Define file types accepted by a Submit point

      Submit points can now be configured to only accept folders and/or certain file types.


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      Manage file list before uploading

      You can now add and remove files (and folders) before opening the metadata dialog and starting the upload process


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      Share Checkpoint filters + export and import them

      Share custom filters for jobs with other users.

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      Create new script folders in Designer

      You can now create new script folders from within Switch Designer, without needing the SwitchScriptTool application. The feature is available from the contextual menu of a Script element on the canvas.


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      Additional private tags used by built-in elements

      Some private data tags are reserved for Switch built-in elements and can be read by Switch scripts. Except for EnfocusSwitch.origin these private data fields can be changed by scripts using job.setPrivateData calls.


      PdfDocument and PdfPage Class

      Retreive PDF file and PDF page information.


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      FlowElement class - get jobs

      Returns a list of jobs waiting in the input folders of the flow element. The list includes all jobs that have "arrived" in the jobArrived entry point.


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      VIDEO: Discover What Switch Can Do For You

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