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    Color Communication

    All the hardware you need to ensure the quality of your color

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    Enfocus PitStop Server 2024 with 1YR Maintenance and Support

    Software license fulfillment is typically within 48hrs

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    • What’s New in PitStop Server 2024?

      pitstop pro 2017

      1 Year Maintenance & Support included

      The latest version of PitStop Server is all about making life easier, saving time and providing additional advanced editing functionality – PitStop 2024 ensures automated print-ready PDF file every time!

      PitStop 2024 New Features:


      • Make vectors from raster images
      • A huge time-saver for wide format printers
      • Color swatches in PitStop Inspector

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      Visually look for objects - PATENT PENDING

      • Using computer vision, PitStop will scan a document for certain objects
      • Verify branding, logo placement, etc

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      Overlay PDF

      • Overlay one multi-page PDF over another
      • Page-based check for bleed
      • 20 new action lists
      • Search and replace text

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    RB Dwyer Group - Michael James Brown
    New Install of Pitstop Server

    Short story, we are a new client with a new install of Pitstop Server. We went on the supplier website to purchase the product. Our original order didn't include the 1 yr of maintenance. After the completion of the purchase, we were told there was an update that wasn't communicated or listed on the website and we HAD to purchase the 1 yr of maintenance. I feel a little "strongarmed" into buying the maintenance agreement when I am a past user of the product and didn't feel I needed it. The software is installed and working properly. It is providing the service that I knew it would. Other than the add'l cost of the required maintenance, I'm happy with the purchase.