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    EIZO ColorEdge CG319X 4K 31.1 inch Hardware Calibration LCD IPS Monitor

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    • EIZO ColorEdge CG319X-4K 31.1in Hardware Calibration LCD IPS Monitor

      Simple and Precise Color Management

      Built in Sensor

      Built-In Sensor to Automate Your Workflow

      CG319X comes with a high tech sensor that can be set to calibrate at any time of your choosing. During the calibration, the sensor will swings onto the screen automatically, taking up only small amount of your screen space. The best part is that you can continue to keep on working as the monitor's sensor is calibrating.

      Color Navigator 7

      Color Navigator 7

      ColorNavigator 7 is the most recent software for calibration and quality control for ColorEdge monitors. It simplifies calibration and produces predictable outcomes for photography, design, print, and video creation.

      Color Navigator Network

      ColorNavigator Network Quality Control Software

      ColorNavigator Network provides centralized quality control of ColorEdge monitors that have ColorNavigator 7 or NX installed.

      You can set the color modes, schedule self-calibration, register or adjust asset management settings, and import/export monitor settings of all the monitors that are connected to the network. This means you don't have to individually go through each monitors to setup your workflow.

      Additionally, ColorNavigator network is hosted on a secure cloud server, freeing you up the cost and time of setting up or maintaining your own server.

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      Feature for Video Editing and Post Production

      4k Resolution

      DCI 4K Resolution

      The ColorEdge CG319X displays the DCI 4K standard (4096 x 2160) which is more than four times that of full HD (1920 x 1080). It's ideal for creating, editing, and referencing with 2D and 3D CGI, VFX, compositing, and color grading.

      Large 31.1" Screen

      Whether you are creating, editing, or checking your work, this screen offers ample space to focus on 4K content. At a dense 149 ppi, it’s suited for not only video editing but also photo retouching and printing.

      HDR Gamma

      HDR Gamma Support

      The ColorEdge CG319X utilizes HLG (hybrid log-gamma) and the PQ (perceptual quantization) curve for displaying and editing HDR (high dynamic range) video content. This helps show images and videos more in consistent with how the natural eye sees reality compared to SDR (standard dynamic range). Professional creators can now reliably produce HDR contents for editing and color grading.

      Vivid Colors

      Vivid Colors Reproduced to Industry Standards

      This wide-gamut monitor reproduces 98% of the DCI-P3 standard used in digital cinema and supports the Rec. 2020 standard used in broadcasting. CG319X also reproduces 99% of the Adobe RGB color space so it can display almost all the colors of an image in Adobe RGB mode. The wide color gamut also ensures reproduction of almost the entire ISO-coated and US web-coated CMYK color spaces used in printing.

      True Black

      True Black Display

      In compliance with the DCI standard, the ColorEdge CG319X offers a high contrast ratio of 1500:1* for producing true blacks that are otherwise difficult to display on a LCD monitor. When you view a typical LCD monitor at an angle within a poorly lit room, the dark tones usually appear to be washed out. The CG Series comes with a retardation film which allows dark tones to retain their depth even when viewing from an angle.

      3D Lut

      3D LUT for Accurate Color Display

      The monitor utilizes a new EIZO-developed 3D LUT. Whereas a typical 1D LUT adjusts color on separate tables for each red, green, and blue, a 3D LUT accomplishes this on a single, mixed-color cubic table. A 3D LUT improves the monitor's additive color mixture (combination of RGB), a key factor in its ability to display neutral gray tones.

      10 Bit Display

      10-Bit Simultaneous Display

      CG319X can display 10-bit color from a 24-bit look-up table (LUT). This is more than 1 billion colors shown simultaneously which is 64 times greater than the 16.7 million colors of 8-bit display. The result is even smoother color gradations and reduced Delta-E between two adjacent colors.

      BroadcastCinema Presets

      Broadcast and Cinema Presets

      This monitor contains several presets such as DCI-P3 for digital cinema and Rec. 709 or Rec. 2020 for broadcasting. It also has PQ (DCI and Rec. 2100) or HLG (Rec. 2100) for HDR contents. These presets helps you work in the appropriate color spaces and gamma values without having to manually adjust the color settings.

      Luminance Warning

      Luminance Warning

      The ColorEdge CG319X incorporates a PQ and HLG Clipping function that shows the zones of a picture which are brighter than current brightness setting. The zones which can't be shown at the right brightness will appear in yellow or magenta. PQ and HLG Clipping can be viewed for brightness levels of 300, 500, 1000, and 4000 cd/m2.

      Safe Area Marker

      Safe Area Marker

      Ideal for captions and critical images: Thanks to the safe area marker, you will know which area of the screen is displayed on another output device. You will therefore see immediately whether subtitles, text, or other important image elements are in the visible area. So that the marker can be clearly seen in all images, you can change the marker colour.


      Aspect Marker

      The Aspect Marker enables the display of DCI 4k image areas (4096 x 2160 pixels) or 2K video material (2048 x 1080 pixels) that are displayed in varying ways when reproduced on different devices with differing aspect ratios.


      4k Zoom

      4K Zoom Function

      Users can quickly and easily make selections directly in the monitor menu to zoom in on various areas of the monitor image so as to assess details and sharpness.

      Rec. 709 Gamut Warning

      Gamut Warning

      The Gamut Warning operates in two modes: Rec. 2020 image content that can’t be displayed in the Rec. 709 gamut is displayed in greyscale. Alternatively, clipping mode is simulated in Rec. 709 to show how Rec. 2020 material would look on HDTV devices.

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      Features for Stable Image Display

      Smooth Color Gradations

      Exact color reproduction – factory calibration

      With LCD panels, the image display can vary from module to module. That is why each ColorEdge monitor is precisely measured and calibrated in the factory. The gamma curves for the red, green and blue channels are tested according to strict parameters and corrected if necessary. This unique EIZO factory calibration enables the user to start using the monitor with the preset gamut right out of the box. In addition, the factory calibration allows the user to quickly recalibrate the monitor if needed using ColorNavigator.

      Stable Display

      Stable Display Using Industry-First AI

      The alpha and omega for exact image editing: constant brightness and colour temperature. Patented electronics balance out brightness fluctuations that may arise due to extended periods of use and increased environmental and operating temperature. Thanks to a built-in thermometer, color deviations caused by fluctuations in room temperature are eliminated and automatically reduced.

      Quick Stable Colors

      Stable Color in Just 3 Minutes

      A typical monitor takes 30 minutes or more for its brightness, chromaticity, and tone characteristics to stabilize. The ColorEdge CG319X takes a mere 3 minutes. Whether you are working in a studio or taking the monitor with you on location, you get reliable color display soon after turning the monitor on.

      Uniformity Screen

      Constant tone value over the entire screen

      Digital Uniformity Equalizer (DUE) controls all tone values over the entire monitor, pixel by pixel. The effect: colour tones appear identical at each point on the screen, without the brightness fluctuations you experience in conventional LCDs. The DUE function also balances out the effects of fluctuations in ambient temperature on the colour temperature and brightness. You will enjoy consistently even luminance distribution and perfect colour purity. A real plus when touching-up images.

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      Features for Comfort and Ease-of-Use

      Minimized Reflections

      Minimized Reflections with Non-Glare Panel

      The IPS panel has optimal anti-glare coating. It diffuses the reflected light to minimise glare, protecting your eyes from strain.

      Wide Viewing Angles

      Wide Viewing Angles with IPS Panel

      The monitor provides for a wide viewing angle without any distracting reflections. This is particularly advantageous when multiple people are seated in front of the same monitor.

      Light Shielding Hood

      The monitor hood reduces reflection and brightness on the screen and helps protect your eyes. It is easy to attach and reduces the amount of light that hits the screen from above and from the sides.

      Ergonomic Stand

      Ergonomic and stable: the adjustable base

      The CG319X has a flexible base to adjust the height, tilt, and rotation. The monitor can be tailored to the user’s needs. For example, he can set a sitting position that is ergonomic for him (e.g. lowered to the bottom) or a position to show clients and colleagues something on the screen.

      Carrying Handle

      Built-In Carrying Handle

      A carrying handle on the back of the monitor allows you to easily move it from one location to another.

      Noiseless, Fanless Operation

      The monitor provides noiseless, fanless operation while still maintaining low heat output without impacting performance.


      Multiple Inputs

      The ColorEdge CG319X is equipped with two DisplayPort and two HDMI inputs. It supports various video formats of up to 10-bit 4:4:4 at 50/60p via DisplayPort and 10-bit 4:2:2 at 50/60p via HDMI.

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      Commitment to Quality

      5 years

      5-Year Warranty

      In addition to the high demands placed on production and materials, EIZO also places the emphasis on quality assurance in all areas.


      Color and brightness warranty

      The monitor has a color and brightness warranty from the purchase date for a maximum of 10,000 hours of operation at a maximum brightness of 120cd/sq m and a color temperature of between 5,000 and 6,500 K.


      World’s First Color Accuracy (Quick Stability Grade) Certification

      This model was among the first monitors in the world to obtain TÜV Rheinland’s Color Accuracy (Quick Stability grade) certification in October 2015. Color Accuracy is the first quality and performance criterion to measure the color accuracy of display devices for multiple graphics fields such as photography, post production, design, and printing.

      Zero Watts When Turned Off

      When the monitor is turned off via the power button on its front bezel it consumes no electricity.

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