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    EFI Fiery XF 1 YR Software Maintenance & Support Agreement

    Software license fulfillment is typically within 48hrs

    Downloadable Icon This software is downloadable.
    • Fiery XF 1 YR Software Maintenance and Support Agreement Renewal

      Software Maintenance and Support Agreement (SMSA) for Fiery XF gives you access to all minor and major product upgrades. Moreover, with SMSA you can get EFI's support to receive help via phone and e-mail. You will need one of the following: Dongle ID number, S.N for the Software or License Activation Code (LAC) to get support from EFI support.

      SMSA can be bought for one year SMSA or multiple years of SMSAs for expiring or already expired LAC. SMSA renewal can now be backdated so expired SMSA can be renewed starting form one day after the previous SMSA's expiration date. The quantity of the SMSA purchased will determine the year(s) of renewal required to upgrade to the latest version. However, if you would like to upgrade your Fiery version 5.0 to latest 7.X with additional 1 year of SMSA we suggest you look at EFI Fiery XF Upgrade with 1 yr SMSA. Please dont forget to provide your LAC while purchasing or contacting about SMSA for Fiery XF.

      Fiery® XF Version 7.3 is the easiest way to introduce sophisticated color management, including media calibration and output optimization of your wide-format device. The result is superior color accuracy and increased overall productivity.




      Version 7.3 Highlights

      • Support for EFI Reggiani textile printers
      • Color tools improvements that produce superior color results
      • Fluorescent ink support for EFI soft signage and textile printer lines
      • Specific textile printing features such as textile Step and Repeat, and Dimensional Correction
      • New Fiery Sign Flow Option for HS series printers
      • Over 40 new and over 20 updated printer drivers for EFI, Canon, HP, Inca, Mimaki, Mutoh, Océ, Ricoh, RolandDG, and Sawgrass devices, plus support for two new DYSS cutting devices
      • view complete list of supported printers

      EFI Fiery XF Features




      Stunning precise, predictable, quality prints

      Accurate Fiery color management, with advanced spot- and process-color optimization offers you the best possible color output each and every time — without time-consuming trial-and-error color correction or complicated device link profiles.

      Support for the latest industry standards

      Fiery XF is fully compliant with the latest ISO, G7 or Fogra PSD standards. So you get accurate and predictable results.

      Streamlined automated and customizable workflows

      Tailor the fully customizable Fiery XF user interface to each operator’s tasks and skill set for greater efficiency and reduced error rate. Downloadable default media profiles and workflow presets make it easy to set up automated job processing.

      Flexible, scalable and future-proof investment

      An EFI™ Software Maintenance and Support Agreementis included for the first year with your purchase. You get phone support and an ongoing stream of software releases, including the latest device drivers, plus all minor and major product upgrades at no additional charge.

      Smooth and consistent quality

      New dynamic smoothing technology eliminates file-related banding and ensures smooth and consistent quality for fine art production and high-end prints on more than 600 supported printers — from desktop to superwide format.

      Visual guidance for tiling and powerful options for cutters

      The full WYSIWYG user interface for tiling allows you to immediately see all the applied changes, and the detailed visual assembly guide makes mounting even the biggest jobs a breeze. Add the Layout Option for sophisticated, automated cut path generation as well as nesting based on the true shape of your print jobs. You’ll save media and not cut away your bottom-line profit.

      Command WorkStation 6

      Fiery XF includes Command WorkStation which provides users central management of all printers from a single screen.

      • Unify print job management, for both wide and superwide printers as well as cutsheet printers, so that you can print jobs faster and boost print production
      • Intuitive dashboard that connects all Fiery driven printers and multiple Fiery servers at a time
      • Interface is consistent with that of modern application software
      • Find jobs with advanced search and filter options to take quicker action and increase throughput
      • Retains Fiery XF 6.5 settings

      Fiery Accelerated System Technology

      FAST RIP increases file processing speeds by an average of 5 times. It uses multi and parallel processing to enable jobs to spool, process, and print simultaneously. Minimizing printer idle time maximizes printer investment.

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