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    E-Factor Exercise/Sampler

    • E-Factor Exercise/Sampler

      The E-Factor Exercise/Sampler is a comprehensive set of eight printed cards designed to evaluate color perception and communicate color differences using the E-Factor system. This exercise helps users improve their ability to perceive and express color differences objectively by assigning E-Factor numbers.

      Features and Benefits:

      E-Factor System: The E-Factor is a critical value within the ChromaChecker Color Conformance system. It bridges the gap between human expectations for color matches and the printing device's ability to deliver those matches. It helps standardize shop tolerances and eliminate inconsistent expectations among operators, salespeople, and customers.

      Delta E (∆E) Comparison: The exercise uses a derivative of the ∆E 00 formula, called CRF at the 95th percentile, to compare visual differences between two pages or images. This approach is suitable for comparing pictures or pages with thousands of colors, providing accurate and reliable assessments.

      E-Factor Exercise: Users are prompted to compare pairs of cards and judge where they would "accept" the difference. This simple procedure allows users to determine their level of acceptance for color differences. The exercise consists of multiple steps, and users can learn their personal color difference tolerance.

      E-Factor Sampler: The E-Factor Sampler enables users to visualize different E-Factors ranging from 2 to 9 using the cards from the set. It helps users find the pair of cards that is closest to their desired E-Factor value.

      Custom Measured and Quality Control: Each E-Factor Exercise/Sampler product undergoes custom measurement and has individual quality control (QC) labeling. The precision and accuracy of each product are documented, and users can access specific production batch data using the production batch code on the product envelope.

      Printed and Online Versions: ChromaChecker offers both printed and online versions of the E-Factor Exercise. Performing both versions is recommended as the human eye perceives color differently on a screen compared to in print. Conducting both exercises helps users understand the limitations of hard-proofing and soft-proofing.

      • Perform the exercise multiple times over a week to observe the consistency of color expectations.
      • Experiment with different lighting conditions, such as D50, fluorescent, LED, and daylight bulbs, to observe their influence on color perception.
      • Repeat tests to enhance your understanding of how your eyes and brain interpret colors, improving your judgment of color differences.
      • If color difference perspective is critical, ensure you have the necessary experience and skills to establish color expectation tolerances.
      • Enhance your color perception and communication skills with the E-Factor Exercise/Sampler. Gain a deeper understanding of color differences and improve your ability to meet or exceed customer expectations.

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