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    15339 ∆E2000 Color Tolerance Exercise


    • 15339 ∆E2000 Color Tolerance Exercise

      The Chromachecker Color Tolerance Exercise is a valuable tool designed to assess and quantify color differences using the Delta ∆E2000 formula. This exercise is suitable for print organizations and companies involved in reproducing color accurately. It helps determine color tolerance levels, implement process control procedures, and educate customers about color difference and quality.

      Features and Benefits:

      Comprehensive Color Tolerance Levels: The exercise includes five printed pages labeled as Master, Level A, Level B, Level C, and Level D. Each page represents a different level of color deviation based on the ∆E2000 formula, allowing you to determine acceptable color differences.

      Process Agnostic: This exercise is applicable to various printing processes such as Large Format, Digital Printing, Flexography, Conventional Sheetfed, and Web offset printing. It ensures consistent quality across different printing technologies.

      Differentiation and Premium Pricing: By implementing the Chromachecker Color Tolerance Exercise, you can differentiate your business based on quality rather than just price. It enables you to demonstrate precision, accuracy, and superior color quality to demanding customers.

      Standardization and Process Control: Establish a company-wide standard for color tolerance, enabling you to determine maintenance schedules for devices, qualify the quality and repeatability of measurement devices, scanners, monitors, and output devices, and understand customer tolerance levels.

      Customizable and Adaptable: The exercise can be customized to meet specific color requirements or purposes, allowing you to tailor the assessment to your unique needs.

      Yellow and Blue Editions:

      The Chromachecker Color Tolerance Exercise is available in two editions: Yellow and Blue. These editions simulate the effect of substrate color (yellow or blue paper) on the appearance of the page, providing a comprehensive understanding of color deviations.

      Yellow Edition: Color deviations in the Yellow Edition are achieved by increasing L* and b* values while keeping the a* value constant. This results in pictures becoming more yellow and darker.

      Blue Edition: In the Blue Edition, L* value is increased, while b* is decreased, and a* value is kept constant. This creates a blueish and darker appearance to the pictures.

      Take your color management and quality control to the next level with the Chromachecker Color Tolerance Exercise. Assess, quantify, and improve your color accuracy, ensuring customer satisfaction and differentiation in the market.

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