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    Color Communication

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    Chromix ColorThink Pro v3

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    Operating System

    • Chromix ColorThink Pro

      Features - Overview

      • Color Worksheet - a spreadsheet with rows for profiles, images, color lists, and workflow information, and columns for color transformations, comparisons, and delta-E calculations
      • ColorSmarts Guide - ColorSmarts Guide acts as your color consultant, performing tests and presenting the results as a graph, worksheet, or delta-E report
      • Profile Inspector - learn more about your color and your devices, see inside ICC profiles, quickly summarize a profile's structural and color information, and evaluate the accuracy and suitability of profiles
      • Grapher - learn and explain the concept of color gamut with 2D graphing; understand and analyze color and device behavior with 3D graphing
      • ColorCast Technology - available as a module for ColorThink Pro, ColorCast's primary application is embedding the proofing effect of one profile inside another profile
      • Profile Renamer - reduce confusion by giving profiles intelligible names, match the internal and external file names, plus more
      • Profile Medic - repair and regain the use of problem profiles, find the source of many color problems, and re-enable invisible profiles
      • Profile Manager - speed up your workflow, organize your profiles, reduce confusion, and see only the profiles you need

      Color Worksheet

      The Color Worksheet is a spreadsheet that understands color. Rows in the worksheet are for profiles, images, color lists, and workflow information; and columns are for color transformations, comparisons, and delta-E calculations. The combined effect is a multi-purpose tool with unlimited color evaluation configurations.

      Color Worksheet Software
      • Comprehensive image/color/profile evaluation
      • Powerful profile linking including:
        • clean-black device links
        • multi-profile device links
        • abstract profiles
        • ColorCast proofing profiles
      • Delta-E calculations on images and colors
      • Delta-E reports summarizing color differences
      • Full workflow modeling to evaluate color shifts at each stage of the workflow
      • Extract colors from scanned/photographed targets with Target Marquee selector
      • Supports abstract, device link, and device profiles up to 10 channels
      • Tightly integrated with graphing; dE becomes vector graph
      • Extract and use embedded profiles in your workflow

      ColorSmarts Guide

      A combination automator and teacher, the ColorSmarts Guide is like having a color consultant standing over your shoulder. Select from a list of tests, and the ColorSmarts Guide will perform them for you and present the results as a graph, worksheet, or delta-E report. Over 20 tests are built into the Guide including:

      • Evaluate device characteristics such as gamut volume , linearity, calibration, metamerism, dot gain, and others
      • Evaluate profiles for accuracy and neutral rendering
      • Create device link, abstract, and ColorCast specialty profiles
      • Compare profiles' input and output capabilities and structures
      • Compare devices' gamuts, measurements, drift
      • Evaluate entire workflows to find color shift sources
      Color Smarts Guide Software

      Profile Inspector

      • Learn more about your color and your devices
      • See inside ICC profiles
      • Quickly summarize a profile’s structural and color information
      • Evaluate the accuracy and suitability of profiles
      • Open and display all ICC profile types including device, color space, and named color profile
      • Display profile using a unique graphical overview showing:
        • primary colors
        • media white and maximum black
        • table sizes and precision
      • Browse a profile’s header and extended tags
      • Summarize tag types and view tag information
      • View neutral rendering curves for each rendering intent - see how your grays are built; also show neutrality of gray with the Chroma Tracker
      • View dot gain estimation curves
      • Perform a comprehensive 12-point integrity check
      • Summarize profile errors or warnings and link to the Profile Medic
      • Modify profile settings such as preferred CMM and default rendering intent
      • Delete profile tags and drag tags between profiles
      • Gamut volume calculation
      • Ink level statistics (black start, max black, total ink - per intent)
      • ISO ink color compliance
      • Auto-detection of original characterization data
      • Modify header bit-flags (transmissive, quality, etc)


      2D graphing is great for learning and explaining the concept of color gamut, but 3D graphs are essential to truly understand what's going on and to analyze colors and device behavior. With the latest grapher, ColorThink quickly and seamlessly moves between 2D and 3D modes.

      2D Graphing
      • Illustrate color gamuts and reproduction issues
      • Evaluate profile and device capabilities and suitability
      • Show clients and coworkers gamut differences and printing issues
      • Graph profiles, colors, color lists, and images in 2D Lab, Luv, or Yxy coordinates
      • Add multiple profiles or lists on one graph by drag-and-drop
      • Graphically display gamut differences and potential problem colors using overlay feature
      • Quickly save graphs to the desktop for use in other applications
      3D Graphing
      • Illustrate color gamuts and reproduction issues with the greatest accuracy by seeing the whole gamut from ink black to paper white, not just the edges
      • Evaluate profile and device capabilities and suitability for proofing
      • Visualize color differences due to media changes, dry-down shifts, or measurement issues
      • Plot image colors as a cloud of pixels and overlay a printer gamut for comparison
      • Display Lab-region gridlines for gamut size perspective
      • Constrain profile gamut's color channels to determine optimal ink limiting levels
      • Slice profile gamuts to compare gamut sizes at any Lightness level
      • Plot profiles as points for quick hex-plot style graphs
      • Graph RGB, CMYK, and Lab images
      • Graph profiles with up to 10 channels
      • Graph profiles, colors, color lists, and images in 3D Lab, Luv, or Yxy coordinates
      • Uses OpenGL directly, for highest quality and performance
      • Display or hide graph axes and gamut projection
      • Graph profile gamuts using accurate wire-frame models or shaded volumes
      • Display objects in single colors or multiple colors for comparison
      • View color differences as 3D vectors using unique vector-compare feature, colorize the vectors using delta-E errors to clearly see where errors are significant
      • Overlay multiple profiles for accurate gamut comparison and to judge suitability of a device for reproduction or proofing, vary their opacity to see profile boundaries and profiles or data inside
      • Display profile effects on images and color lists with vectors; clearly compare rendering intent differences
      • Graphically display gamut differences and potential problem colors using overlay feature
      • Manipulate gamut volumes directly by grabbing and rotating with the mouse

      ColorCast Technology

      • Embed the proofing effect of one profile inside another profile
      • Soft and hard-proof Hexachrome and other n-channel profiles inside Adobe Photoshop with no plugins
      • Alter desktop inkjet profiles to proof SWOP or ISO CMYK anytime
      • Embed Abstract profiles inside Adobe RGB and use them in Photoshop
      • Embed effect profiles into digital camera profiles

      Profile Renamer

      • Edit profiles' internal and external names
      • Quickly edit both names when lock feature is enabled
      • Automatically add or strip file extensions such as .icc
      • Remove illegal characters from internal names that cause application errors
      • Now supports ICC v4 internal name structure

      Profile Medic

      • Inspect all enabled and disabled profiles installed on the system
      • Perform comprehensive 16-point checks on profile contents and system setup
      • Summarize all warnings and errors and perform repairs
      • Solve many profile problems including:
        • profiles which are invisible to ColorSync (often occurs when moving profiles cross-platform)
        • profiles with internal structural problems
        • name-confusion issues caused by different internal vs. external names
        • application crashing and color problems due to corrupted profiles

      Profile Manager

      • List profiles located in Mac OS X locations, or Windows folder
      • Sub-sort profile list by: Location, Profile Type, and Color Space
      • Enable and disable profiles individually or in sets
      • Display profiles by internal or external name
      • Subfolder structure is maintained when enabling or disabling profiles
      • Quick name-check is performed to determine problem profiles

      ColorThink Comparison

      Features ColorThink 2 ColorThink Pro
      Plot Profiles as Volumes
      Plot Profiles as Points (hex-style plots)
      RGB Profiles
      CMYK Profiles
      Hexachrome(tm) Profiles
      Up to 10-channel n-color Profiles
      Abstract Profiles (as vectors)
      Constrain Channels
      RGB Images
      CMYK Images (estimated)
      Lab Images
      Delta-E Vector Coloring
      Alter Delta-E Formulae (dE94, CMC, dE2000)
      Highlight Colors Selected in List
      Slice Multiple Profiles at Any Lightness for Comparison
      Slice Image Data and Vectors at Any Lightness Value
      Save Graph as Image
      Save Graph as Movie
      Inspect Profile Details
      Modify Header Defaults
      Export Embedded Color List Data
      Open Embedded Color Lists into Color Worksheet
      Basic Neutral-Rendering Curves
      Detailed Neutral Curves
      Dot Gain Curves (estimated from profile data)
      Gamut Volume
      Ink Levels (black start, max black, total ink - per intent)
      ISO Ink Color Compliance
      Auto-detection of Original Characterization Data
      Summarize Profile Errors and Warnings
      Model Existing Graphics Workflow
      Calculate Delta-E Between Any WF Stage to Isolate Color Patterns
      Device Link
      Clean-black Link
      Multi-Profile Device Link
      Abstract Profiles
      ColorCast Profiles
      Device (input, display, print)
      Device Link
      Open / Display RGB
      Open / Display CMYK (estimated)
      Open / Display Lab
      Embed, Extract, Replace Profiles
      Extract Unique or All Colors into List
      Extract Target Colors Using Target Marquee
      Show Delta-E in Image Form
      Transform Image Using Multiple Profiles
      Use Dropper to Show Color Builds Across Workflow
      Click Dropper to Add Selection Points to Color Lists Section
      Open Color Lists and Target Files
      Supports Device, Lab/XYZ/LCH, and Spectral Data Files
      Compare Colors Using Delta-E
      Transform Colors Using Multiple Profiles
      Run Statistical Reports on Error Data
      Alter Illuminant to Compare Spectral Files for Metamerism Error
      Graph List of Colors
      Graph Any List at Any Stage in Workflow
      Graph Delta-E List to Show Errors as Vectors
      Highlight Color in List to Highlight Color in Graph
      Sort Sheet by Any Color Channel or Error Number
      Copy and Paste Entire Sheet into Excel for Further Processing
      Automates Color / Profile Analysis Tasks
      Use as Tutorial to Illustrate ColorThink Tool Use
      Perform Statistical Summary Tests on Profile Accuracy
      Automatically Extracts Profile Training Data for Testing
      Works Across Multiple ColorThink Tools

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