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    • PrimeCenter Version 2

      PrimeCenter helps wide format digital printers optimize job preparation for printing by increasing operator productivity, saving time spent on layouts and nesting, optimizing nesting and media usage, and increasing the automation of tasks.

      PrimeCenter sits upstream of your RIP station. Schema of Caldera workflow Orders (or “jobs”) are first submitted to PrimeCenter, either manually, or automatically from a web shop or ERP software. At this stage, prepress operators can thoroughly prepare their files with a wide range of advanced options— media parameters, preflighting, cut contours, print bleed, margins, nesting, cutter registration marks, annotations, double-sided printing, and more. Once the files are ready, send ready-to-print & ready-to-cut files to your RIP software to streamline your entire production.  

      primecenter workflow

      What's new in Version 2

      Inspect your layouts before production

      From the Print file options module, manually or automatically export a PDF report of your layouts for inspection before production.
      PDF reports include the images, number of copies, media, size, and various metadata to help you save time identifying and tracking jobs.

      New URL in XML job tickets

      HTTP links are now supported as input file paths. You can load distant HTTP files via XML job tickets for easier automation. .

      Preserve job order in nesting

      This new feature gives operators more flexibility in job management. By using specific metadata, jobs can be grouped and prioritized automatically to facilitate the dispatch of customers' orders.


      Fixups in input XML job ticket​

      Operators can now indicate the fixups to apply directly in the input XML job ticket. This improvement grants more flexibility in automated workflows and reduces the number of recipes to manage in PrimeCenter.

      Create Your Own Recipes

      Input in PrimeCenter

      Start preparing jobs for all print & cut applications Input in PrimeCenter Load your files directly in PrimeCenter to start preparing them for printing and cutting. Supported file formats: PDF, EPS, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, PS & AI

      Check & Fix | Preflight

      Check the conformity of your filesCheck & Fix Preflight in PrimeCenter PrimeCenter embeds the powerful Callas Preflight Engine to ensure you are dealing with compliant PDF files. Check your images, fonts, colors, resolution and transparency to avoid unwanted mistakes and achieve perfect results in production. After that, various fixups can be applied to modify your files according to your needs (create a cut contour from the page content, crop the page to remove useless white areas, etc).

      Check & Fix Preflight in PrimeCenter
      Print bleed in PrimeCenter
      Print Bleed

      Add print bleed to your designsPrint bleed in PrimeCenter Add print bleed to your canvas or to specific shapes to improve the cutting process. Bleed size can also be customized according to your needs.

      Double-Sidded Printing

      Prepare your double-sided files Double-sided printing in PrimeCenter When preparing double-sided banners or stickers, PrimeCenter automatically generates Side B and places the margins and cutting marks correctly to save time and reduce manual errors. Double-sided printing has never been easier, both for rectangular and non-rectangular shapes. You can also prepare double-sided files with different designs on each side.

      Double-sided printing in PrimeCenter
      Annotations in PrimeCenter

      Anticipate finishing and deliveryAnnotations in PrimeCenter Add annotations to your layouts to save time during the finishing and delivery steps. Annotations include: texts, barcode 39 and optical codes (QR codes).


      Say goodbye to media waste Nesting in PrimeCenter PrimeCenter’s nesting engine beats every manual nesting and achieves the best possible layouts— for both rectangular and more complex shapes.

      • Generate optimized layouts
      • Save time and reduce media waste
      • Achieve a more profitable and sustainable production
      Nesting in PrimeCenter
      Cutting in PrimeCenter

      Streamline the cutting processCutting in PrimeCenter Add cutter registration marks to your layout to prepare the cutting stage.

      • Customize the shape, size and placement of your marks
      • Add edge marks or internal cut marks
      • Keep internal marks only to save even more media

      Export ready-to-produce filesExport in PrimeCenter Send ready-to-print and ready-to-cut files directly to your RIP software and streamline your entire production.

      Export in PrimeCenter

      Automate your production with Metadata

      Metadata refers to all the information included within the job file— order number, customer’s name, order date, number of copies, printer, or media type. Use PrimeCenter to prepare your print & cut files, leverage metadata to save time organizing and filtering your files— and automate other production steps such as finishing and delivery.


      Compatible with more than 1,600 devices from major manufacturers, Caldera is a comprehensive solution that can be integrated in any wide-format Print & Cut production environment. Check whether your printers & cutters are supported by the Caldera solutions.

      50 More than 50 new print & cut drivers included in the V16 ISO

      Wide, Large ,Grand A, Grand B and High Performance (A High Performance driver can only drive printers of the High Performance category)

      ventura Official support of macOS Ventura

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