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    • Caldera PrimeCenter

      PrimeCenter helps wide format digital printers optimize job preparation for printing by increasing operator productivity, saving time spent on layouts and nesting, optimizing nesting and media usage, and increasing the automation of tasks.


      primecenter workflow

      Production Automation Solution

      What is ganging?

      PrimeCenter has a feature that can group together incoming files based on a specific data. That is called ”ganging.” For example, if you have three multi-pages PDF files from two different customers, PrimeCenter will use Metadata, such as a customer's ID, to queue the files in separated nests. This feature eases the finishing and delivery process.


      Traditionally, what is called ‘data’ in the large format digital printing industry is what is printed. Metadata is all the different information that comes with the printed file such as for example the order number, the professional channel, the order date, the delivery date, the printer, etc. It helps you organize, filter and enrich your files via QRcodes.

      Prime Nesting

      True Shape nesting is a “NP-complete” problem, meaning that it is not possible to find the best solution without a prohibitive time consuming inspection of all the possibilities. The exploding combinatory of solutions leads to mix different strategies (classically called heuristics) to avoid local optimums and maximize efficiency. Prime Nesting combines several heuristics to find the better match given a maximal allowed nesting time.

      primecenter nesting


      Avoid Media Waste

      Based on cutting-edge A.I. technologies, our blazing-fast “Prime Nesting” algorithm achieves a high level of optimization while guaranteeing reusability. Minimizing media waste and beating the best manually generated nestings allow you to save money and scale up your production. Save up to 35% media!

      Save Time on Repetitive Prepress Actions and Tasks

      Create your own recipe and automate repetitive manual tasks such as preflight, bleed, assigning the sizes, assigning production configuration, adding the annotations, or QR codes. Save your recipe and apply it as many times as necessary. Save up to 42% time!

      Fully Integrated with Zünd Cut Center

      Synchronization with Zünd Cut Center media and tools, and transfer of metadata for cutting automation.

      Enable Job Tracking and Submission

      Improves job tracking with XML technology. Can be integrated with all types of ERP, MIS and webshops.

      Tear Off Annotations

      See at a glance which print is intended for which order. Reduce the error rate, optimize your organization, save time when preparing the shipments and when searching for an order or a client.


      Caldera PrimeCenter works for all types of Print&Cut applications, including:

      • Banners and Posters
      • Stickers
      • Point of Sales Marketing
      • Soft Signage


      PrimeCenter Basic

      Parameters for preflight, nesting and other functions are applied manually.

      PrimeCenter Pro

      Layouts from incoming files are automatically generated, though not exported to the controller or the RIP. The application of parameters for preflight and nesting can be semi-automated via the creation of scripted actions.

      PrimeCenter Max

      Includes the features of PrimeCenter Pro, but the automatically generated layouts are also automatically exported to the controller or the RIP.

      Features Basic Pro Max
      Import Manual Import Auto Import Auto Import
      Recipe Maual Application Auto Application Auto Application
      Export Manual Export Manual Export Auto Export
      Number of User Interface 1 1 3
      Acess to FAQ
      Tickets Submission *Dashboard also included for CalderaCare users
      Rectangular & True Shape Nesting
      Canvas & True Shape Nesting
      Text, Barcode 39 & QR code
      Manual preflight, export of PDF & Cut files
      Ready to print/cut PDF files
      Preflight & Fixup library
      Extended cut marks options
      Double Sided Printing
      Input Hotfolders
      Meta-Data from filename
      XML Job Ticket

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