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    • GrandRIP+ Version 16

      When you’re looking for speed, reliability and flexibility in a busy production environment, GrandRIP+ can handle all your print and print-to-cut applications. With the inclusion of Adobe PDF Print Engine and EasyMedia, and with advanced overlap and tiling management, GrandRIP+ offers the ultimate workflow solution for wide-format and super wide-format printing.

      New Version 16 Features

      Exclusive CalderaCare features

      Smart Import Smart Import

      Save time & avoid manual errors with metadata SmartImport automatically extracts metadata from the filename to automate job submission. Examples of metadata: number of copies targeted printer presets height width scale

      PrintProof PrintProof

      The latest version of the best PDF engine ensures you always print the rendering expected by the designer. Benefit from more performance and consistency to manage extended color gamuts, varnish and foils, and print accurate brand colors.

      The high-production, multi-device RIP solution

      Cost Optimization (Included in Enterprise and Platinum Package)

      GrandRIP Enterprise and Platinum includes the necessary tools to help you make the best use of your resources. Reduce your ink and media consumption while maintaining the quality of your jobs and gain time while acquiring a better insight of your operation

      GrandCutServer (Included in Enterprise Package - 1 and Premium Package - 4)

      Enterprise Package includes 1 Grand B print driver and Premium Package includes 4 Grand B print drivers. Using several flatbed cutters from different brands? GrandCutServer streamlines and unifies your print-to-cut workflows to improve your printing accuracy and deliver impeccable results.


      Caldera’s ContourNesting algorithm detects the image’s true shape to deliver smarter image placing and fully optimized layouts to prevent excess media waste. Achieve a more sustainable workflow by saving up to 20% media.


      Achieve perfect colors using our step-by-step wizard for color gamut specifications.


      New OS Support and Drivers

      Compatible with more than 1,600 devices from major manufacturers, Caldera is a comprehensive solution that can be integrated in any wide-format Print & Cut production environment. Check whether your printers & cutters are supported by the Caldera solutions.

      50 More than 50 new print & cut drivers included in the V16 ISO

      Wide, Large ,Grand A, Grand B and High Performance (A High Performance driver can only drive printers of the High Performance category)

      ventura Official support of macOS Ventura

      Why GrandRIP+ ?

      • Faster image processing
      • Improve your hardware profitability (ROI)
      • Optimize the use of your resources
      • Caldera Rack Server for more reliability

      • Create your own production workflow
      • Benefit from hotfolders
      • Send jobs to print in a couple clicks
      • JDF/JMF communication with Nexio (option)

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