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    • Caldera GrandRIP+ Version 15

      CaderaRIP Version 15 Banner

      Why Upgrade to Version 15?

      Armed with APPE 5, ready for the latest Mac OS (Monterey)on M1 Devices/Linux and available in multiple languages, more than 20 new print & cut drivers included in the V15 ISO, v15 speeds up image processing, reduces ink and media use, and improves organization for wide-format print businesses of all kinds.

      VisualRIP+ 15 provides three new crucial features:

      Caldera GrandRIP+

      Why Do I Need A RIP?

      If you are still considering whether GrandRIP+ will be a good investment, then consider the following questions:

      • Do you use more than 2 printers?
      • Are you creating your own ICC profiles?
      • Is your printer being operated by more than 1 person?
      • Do you usually print many copies of the same image or even multiple images?
      • Do you find that previous printed images do not match the colors in the reprints?
      • Is increasing your print productivity your target?
      • Would you like to simplify your print workflow?
      • Want to reduce waste and maximize media usage?

      If you have answered yes to most of the questions above, then GrandRIP is might be right for your business. The Caldera Grand RIP+ will add value to your printing workflow.

      Why GrandRIP+?

      GrandRIP+ is a product of Caldera, which has 30 years of experience in the field of imaging, business workflow and digital signage. What sets Caldera products apart from other software is its cost effectiveness, productivity and color output. GrandRIP provides industry leading features like:

      • Client-Server Architecture for easier management.
      • Colormanagement tools like IIC profile and EasyMedia.
      • High performance and multi level automation ability.
      • Reliable and consistat color accuracy which is scalable
      • Now includes APPE (Adobe PDF Print Engine 5.5 )

      GrandRIP Features

      Features Pro Enterprise Platinum
      Print Drivers Included: 1 Grand B Format 1 Grand Format 4 Large or Grand Format
      User Included: 1 1 1
      ICC profile Creation
      Spot Colors
      Unlimited Hotfolders
      Contour Nesting
      Cut Server
      GrandCut Server
      Cost Estimation


      CalderaCare is the support and maintenance solution for your Caldera RIP software. Whatever the issue, our team of technical experts will be on hand – and a subscription to CalderaCare also ensures all your software products will be kept up-to-date with the latest versions and enhancements.


      • Free Upgrade: Always stay up to date.
      • Free Online training catalog: Unlimited access to live webinars.
      • Fast premium support: Connect directly to the experts.

      Critical – 2h response time if Production is blocked.
      Major – 4h response time if Production not efficient.
      Minor – 8h response time if Production not impacted but need support.

      Features Without CalderaCare CalderaCare
      Customer Portal
      Targeted Response Time - Critical 2h / Major 4h / Minor 8h
      Remote Control -
      Caldera Webinars Prepayment Required Unlimited Access
      Major Upgrades -
      Driver Swaps - ✔Large driver swap included.
      ✔Grand driver swap for a reduced fee.



      With the Preview, we have made job verification and production management a lot easier. Within the Caldera Spooler and CalderaJobs, open a preview in full screen and zoom in to easily identify the jobs inside the nest and check the marks before printing to avoid unwanted errors and waste.

      Wide Contour Offset

      With Wide Contour Offset, benefit from an increased range of Cut Contour offsets (from [-10mm, +10mm] to [-100mm, +100mm]). This feature greatly improves the accuracy of the cutting process on shrinking or distorting textile substrates.

      White Under Marks

      The White Under Marks feature has been designed to improve cutting accuracy on all types of non-white media. When printing on dark, transparent or metallic substrates, and if white ink is available on the printer, CalderaRIP adds white ink under and around the cutting marks and codes to improve the cutter detection.


      Caldera introduces our Print Bleed pixel cloning technology which improves the edge finish of canvases or edge-to-edge shaped prints. True Bleed opens a new route to total accuracy for print‑and‑cut textile, industrial and fine art work. It avoids white borders along cutting edges by replicating pixels, meaning patterns and masks are processed with razor-sharp precision for outstanding results.



      Print&Cut Mirror

      This new feature will save up to 20% of prepress time for dye sublimation and backlit printing by allowing you to mirror print and cut data directly in the RIP. Available for VisualCut and GrandCut marks.


      Save up to 60 percent of prepress time by automatically converting transparent backgrounds behind the image to spot channels

      • Specially for .png files with transparent backgrounds from WebShops
      • Available in Fileman Options to automate in workflows and Nexio


      Integrated Step&Repeat module optimized for pattern repetition for textile printing


      Full intuitive tiling module with non-uniform tiles


      Ability to add grommets directly from the Print Module


      ContourNesting optimized for VisualCut and GrandCut

      ContourNesting V2

      New algorithm optimizes nesting of complex shapes

      QR Codes

      QR Codes can be added at the end of the job (with tags)

      Cost Estimation


      CostProof estimates your printing costs. Enter your ink and media costs into the system and CostProof will accurately determine the quantities of each needed for the job.


      cost estimation



      View all jobs in the spooler, monitor ink and media costs, add optional or automatic costs to each job and export the job listing with all relevant costs as a spreadsheet ready for further analysis.

      Grand Cut

      Precise cutting power for large-format flatbed cutters without direct piloting


      Managing a clean view of your jobs saves time while keeping track of your production.

      • Archive, save, or delete selected jobs
      • New search engine with detailed job view


      You can now adapt the order in which you print tiles to achieve significant onsite time savings during large tiling jobs, blueback and building wrapping. Adapt your prints order to ease, optimize, speed up your installation process.

      • Choose to start printing from one corner
      • Order number in filename before line and columns name
      • Alternate print direction

      Custom Annotations

      This allows users to customize the information they include in annotations rather than the legacy Caldera standard or detailed information, saving space on media, and allowing for circumstances when you can't use a barcode or QRCode reader.

      • No more need to put the legacy Caldera standard or detailed information
      • Same tags as in QRCode

      Adobe Textile Designer

      Support of Adobe Textile Designer file format; gives you the ability to design with confidence and print with accuracy, using a single streamlined process for accurate textile print production. You'll be assured accurate pattern repeatability, with correct and consistent color management across all devices.

      • Automatically set the drop in your RIP
      • Automatically set the spot colors in your RIP

      Ink Performer

      Save more money with the highest color accuracy

      • Up to 30% more savings than previous version
      • More vibrant color with maximum saving level
      • Requires Ink Performer option purchase

      CxF/4 Improvements

      • You can minimize the time color matching takes with the ability to import Spectral Brand Colors, to select measurement conditions and to select illuminant and observer conditions
      • This latest version delivers savings of up to 30 percent on the previous version

      Other New Features

      • Faster downloads directly from CalderaDock - with v15, you’ll be able to download new Light Installers, new ICC profiles, and printer drivers
      • Extended OS Support - v15 supports Linux: Stretch 9.x Buster 10 and macOS High Sierra 10.13, Mojave 10.14, Catalina 10.15, Big Sur 11, Monterey 12
      • 2xCMYK Print Mode - optimizes your 2xCMYK printer using finer screening and ink optimization on duplicated heads

      Advanced technologies

      Offers a range of market-leading RIP features to simplify and speed up the production process.

      • Harnesses the full power of the latest Adobe PDF Print Engine to create smooth, seamless gradients and extend spot color handling
      • Draws maximum power from your computer hardware by using the OpenCL language, enabling it to exchange print data with system elements more quickly
      • Tile Parallel Processing reduces RIP times through intelligent CPU use
      spot colors

      127 spot colors

      No more problems with tricky brand colors: expanded spot color gamut to an astonishing 127 different shades, so you can match more special colors with total accuracy.

      Synchronize drivers, profiles and updates

      With its new Sync & Deploy feature, it has the ability to synchronize printer drivers, media profiles and version updates across your production set-up. The result is reduced installation time, with the configuration sent to multiple stations.

      Increase Your Productivity!
      Caldera GrandRIP+ Nestomatik

      Automatically positions files across the roll or sheet for media and ink optimization.

      Caldera GrandRIP+ Step And Repeat

      Sophisticated automatic feature to repeat files on a page. File is RIPed only once.

      Caldera GrandRIP+ White Ink

      Overprint white on colored medias or to make colors stronger.

      GrandRIP+ also includes ICC support, Task automation, RIP PS/PDF, SuperSpooler, Step&Repeat, Layout with Compose, Tiling, SignMark, White Ink, Fotoba digistrim and Raster Image Retouching features.

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