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    Caldera EasyMedia ICC Profiling Workshop - ONLINE

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    • Take a deep dive into Caldera EasyMedia Color Management ICC profiling module in our 3hr online class

      Learn how to create ICC color profiles for your wide-format printers in Caldera EasyMedia Color Module.

      We'll review each screen and explain how to evaluate the graphs. Learn inside tips on maximizing color range with reduced ink consumption beyond the "auto" button.

      Critical to your success is (color) data acquisition. We'll start with if your color measurement device is the best choice for the materials you'll be measuring by reviewing different type of measurement devices available.

      Topics Covered:

      • Why custom ICC profiles are needed. How many do you need?
      • Printer Media Settings
      • Ink Transitions
      • Linearization
      • Ink Limiting - Which chart to use, and most importantly, how to evaluate!
      • G7 - Different ways to achieve G7 compliance
      • ICC Profiling - Which charts are best for different print processes
      • ICC profile Black Generation and ICC Profile Settings
      • Evaluate Results
      • Backing Up - Sharing with other Caldera clients on the LAN.
      • Review color management settings in CalderaRIP

      Bleed Test Chart

      Who Should Attend?

      Press operators and prepress operators with fundamental color knowledge. Basic knowledge of color management and profiling is required. Consider our Fundamentals of Print Color management class to learn the basics preceding this class.


      Basic understanding and use of Caldera RIP.

      Basic knowledge of color management and profiling is required.

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    Ong yi sheng
    Caldera EasyMedia ICC Profiling Workshop

    Great. i learn a lots from this online workshop. now my colour profile is more accurate and i able to cut some ink. all the function is well explain in detail.

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