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    Barbieri Spectro Swing Series 2

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    UV-Cut Filter

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    • Barbieri Spectro Swing Series 2

      The ability for the Spectro Swing to measure transparent materials on a wide variety of fl exible media makes it a special and unique measurement device. It is ideal for production environments as it is tailored to the needs of all aqueous, solvent and UV roll-to-roll printers.

      Spectro Swing

      Application Fields

      • Creation of ICC profi les for digital output devices on a wide variety of materials (refl ective and transmissive)
      • Linearization of digital output devices
      • Single measurements of spot colors with subsequent check for color true printing

      Target Markets

      • Inkjet (aqueous, solvent) printing
      • Digital photo printing
      • Packaging

      Spectro Swing

      Main Features

      • For transparent and reflective media
      • Measurement aperture 2 mm diameter
      • Easy to use thanks to “buttonless operation”
      • Able to measure targets with up to 3000 patches
      • Suitable for a wide variety of fl exible media up to 1 mm thickness (paper, banner, canvas, canvas cover for trucks, backlit, etc.)
      • Supported by most RIP-software (Refer to:
      • ISO 13655-2017 measurement conditions: M0, M2 (UVCut)
      • Includes free measurement software Barbieri Gateway for Mac and PC
      • Geometry:
        • refl ection 45°/0°
        • transmission d/0°

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