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    About Just Normlicht

    Just Normlicht


    It all began with the production of neon signs and light boxes in the early 1970s, rapidly progressing to color transparency viewers. By 1979, Horst Just, founder and namesake of JUST Normlicht GmbH, had built the foundation for the core business. This legacy continued today, evolving the business in mutual partnerships with our customers.

    Michael Gall, CEO, joined the company in 1988, initially assuming the position of joint manager along with Christa Just in 2002, and later assuming his role as sole shareholder and CEO of JUST Normlicht GmbH, Vertrieb + Produktion


    Initially, their standardized light systems were adopted by printers and photo studios where color-accurate visual comparisons to an original were essential to achieving quality reproductions. Customer confidence over the decades and their continuing investments in technology lead to JUST becoming synonymous with standardized light in the graphic arts industry.

    Soon, demand for standardized light systems grew in other industries such as automotive, furniture and textiles. These customers prompted development of quality assurance solutions for such ‘manufacturing industries‘ as they continued expansion of there core graphic arts markets. The business evolved to service a wide variety of industries and applications centered around light, lighting and visualasssement.


    Today, JUST Normlicht‘s international headquarters in Germany (Weilheim, near Stuttgart), branches in France and the USA, and subsidary GL Optic in Poland, collectively delivery high quality lighting and light measure solutions globally. They are proud partners to companies ranging from start-ups to multi-billion conglomerants across a wide range of industries and applications.

    The JUST product lines are available in a range of standard sizes, configurations, light sources and viewing geometries for both 2- and 3-D objects. From portable viewing tables, to booths, stations, overhead fixtures, monitor-to-object proofing, and multi-spectral programmable LED lighting, they address a diverse range of needs. Custom products for specialized requirements are frequently developed and their Contract Metal Fabrication division provides the ability to deliver such unique solutions.

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