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    Color Communication

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    Techkon SpectroDens Basic

    Wireless Option

    • Techkon SpectroDens Basic

      Spectrodens Highlights

      SpectroDens Image

      Experience the revolution in color measurement with TECHKON's SpectroDens. This all-purpose handheld device sets a new standard, combining the precision of a spectro-photometer with the simplicity of a densitometer. From solid density to dot gain, gray balance, and color matching, SpectroDens excels in various applications, providing unmatched accuracy.

      Adaptable and reliable, SpectroDens features individually adjustable display functions and a robust aluminum unibody case, making it suitable for harsh industrial environments. The device seamlessly integrates with TECHKON SpectroConnect software for easy data processing and transmission to applications like Microsoft Excel™. Choose from three performance packages – Basic, Advanced, and Premium – to match your specific color management needs.

      SpectroDens Features
      SpectroDens Technical Excellence

      Equipped with a 0°:45° optics system, a spectral range of 400 to 700 nm, and LED technology providing various measurement conditions, SpectroDens is a technological marvel. Elevate your color management processes, achieve unprecedented accuracy, and redefine your approach to quality control with SpectroDens – the new era in color measurement.

      What is included?

      • The measurement device
      • A Charger
      • Console with integrated white standard
      • AC adapter with universal plugs
      • Device case
      • USB-cable
      • CD with SpectroConnect software
      • Manual with ISO 9000 certificate and a two year warranty
      SpectroDens In the Box

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