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    X-Rite eXact Xp Advanced Spectrophotometer

    eXact Aperture Size
    eXact Scan Option

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    • X-Rite eXact Xp Advanced Spectrophotometer

      Measure flexible film

      The eXact Xp is solves the unique challenges of measuring flexible films. Both the eXact Standard and the eXact Advanced are available in an Xp model.


      X-Rtie eXact Standard


      Providing Color Measurement Excellence

      The preferred instrument of ink labs and quality control labs, the eXact Advanced spectrophotometer is designed to help you achieve the highest quality product with the broadest toolset. In addition to ensuring color validation of CMYK and spot-color inks, simultaneous measurements of four M modes, embedded Bluetooth capability, and enhanced colorimetric functionality, the eXact Advanced includes functions to evaluate ink and paper prior to, during, and after print production; saving time and reducing waste for your operation.

      eXact Standard Specifications

      X-Rite eXact Standard In Use

      Advanced Quality Control Management

      • Provides features to evaluate paper and ink, such as Paper Indices, Metamerism, Color Strength, Opacity, and dE* Trend
      • Measures ink and paper prior to, during, and after print production to help streamline efficiencies
      • Provides substrate analysis capabilities with the Brightener Index Function

      X-Rite eXact Standard Spot Color

      Enhanced Colorimetric Functionality

      • Drives workflow confidence for each job as tools can be locked, customized, and individualized with multiple user capabilities
      • Provides a full range of aperture sizes to allow for job flexibility as your business needs change
      • Leverages the reflectance graph to demonstrate the spectral reflectance of a substrate or ink
      • Measures the concentration of a specific ink with absolute and relative color strength features
      • Engages the opacity feature to measure the difference of a substrate or ink over white and over black
      • Generates the color difference up to three different illuminants with the Metamerism feature
      • Leverages BestMatch to provide you with the guidance you need to help determine if you can achieve a closer match to a specific color standard adjusting ink on press
      • Supports all ISO conditions meeting all of your customer needs - G7, PSO, ISO, and Japan Color
      • Embedded Pantone libraries for access to industry-leading color reference standards

      eXact Standard Scan Option

      Scan Option

      Available as an option for the Standard and Advanced models. The eXact Scan is easy-to-use and provides quick scanning capabilities for use in offset, digital, flexo, prepress, and other environments for spot measurement and scans to better understand, control, manage, and communicate color across the entire workflow.

      X-Rite eXact Standard In Use

      Xp Offering

      All eXact models are available in Xp mode, meaning they are specifically designed to help packaging printers and converters more accurately measure color on flexible film materials and other print and packaging substrates without the need for polarized measurements (M3).

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