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    Color Communication

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    Variable Spectro 1 Pro Spectrophotometer

    Bridge (connectivity to PC)

    • Variable Spectro 1 Pro

      Spectro 1 Pro is a compact, affordable tool for accurately measuring and communicating color at the professional and industrial level. Using patented and patent-pending technology, Spectro 1 Pro delivers accuracy and repeatability comparable to expensive benchtop spectrophotometers for a fraction of the price.

      • Connect to Spectro App and wirelessly scan colors via Bluetooth
      • Save and export spectral curve data in 10 nm increments between 400 - 700 nm
      • Create and store standards through Saved Colors feature in the Spectro App
      • Compare samples against your standards with intuitive user interface
      • View spectral curves and Lab values for scanned colors
      • View matches under 4 different light sources including: A, F2, D50, and D65
      • Backup data to the Variable Cloud color management system
      • Share or export scans, matches, and folders

      Spectro 1 Pro In Use

      Accurate Scans on Sheen

      The human eye is able to see how color is affected by various levels of sheen. When light shines on a glossy surface it can make it appear to have different hues, some darker or lighter than others. However, when finding the right paint for a room, it is impossible for our eyes to see what the true color is. That’s where our Spectro 1 Pro comes to the rescue. It is able to see the actual color of a wall even if there is a sheen, helping you get the right color every time!


      The Spectro by Variable app combines Spectro 1 Pro’s compact, portable design with patent-pending technology in a convenient, efficient, and highly accurate color matching system that works with smartphones. This allows users to easily measure, save, and share powerful color data. When companies join Variable Cloud, they can then upload local standards for use on all devices.

      Alternatively, users can upgrade their Spectro device by purchasing the Bridge option, which enables integration directly into existing PC software for seamless, quality color communication and matching.

      Spectro 1 Pro Phone Spectro 1 Pro PC

      Spectro 1 Pro

      Cutting Edge

      Though small, the Spectro 1 Pro is not just another colorimeter. This sleek, compact, and affordable spectrophotometer uses multiple light sources and sophisticated matching algorithms to produce exact color matches, reflectance curve data, and detailed color data with every scan.


      No longer are companies and consumers required to spend thousands of dollars on purchasing and maintaining large and cumbersome spectrophotometers. With revolutionary advances in color communication technology, we’ve harnessed the accuracy of benchtop machines to provide a tool that can be used both behind the counter and with the customer for only $299.

      Spectro 1 Pro Paint

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