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    Techkon SpectroDens Advanced

    Wireless Option

    • Techkon SpectroDens Advanced

      Spectrodens Highlights

      SpectroDens Image

      The SpectroDens Advanced variant takes color measurement to new heights with its enhanced features and capabilities. Building upon the precision and simplicity of the basic model, the Advanced package introduces additional functionalities tailored for more intricate color management needs. This version is particularly well-suited for industries and applications demanding a higher level of sophistication in their color control processes. From intricate dot gain adjustments to nuanced gray balance fine-tuning, the SpectroDens Advanced empowers users to achieve unparalleled accuracy in their color measurements.

      Equipped with an extended set of tools, the SpectroDens Advanced enhances the user experience by providing advanced customization options. The individually adjustable display functions allow users to tailor the device to their specific workflow, ensuring efficiency and precision in every measurement. Its compatibility with the TECHKON SpectroConnect software further streamlines data processing and analysis. This integration facilitates seamless communication with other applications, enhancing the overall workflow and making the SpectroDens Advanced a comprehensive solution for advanced color management challenges.

      SpectroDens Features
      SpectroDens Technical Excellence

      The robust design of the SpectroDens Advanced, featuring a durable aluminum unibody case, ensures reliability even in demanding industrial environments. This variant stands as a testament to TECHKON's commitment to technological excellence, providing a cutting-edge solution for those seeking to elevate their color measurement processes. With its superior capabilities and versatility, the SpectroDens Advanced sets a new standard for precision and efficiency in color management, making it an indispensable tool for professionals striving for excellence in their respective fields.

      What is included?

      • The measurement device
      • A Charger
      • Console with integrated white standard
      • AC adapter with universal plugs
      • Device case
      • USB-cable
      • CD with SpectroConnect software
      • Manual with ISO 9000 certificate and a two year warranty
      SpectroDens In the Box

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